We have the expertise to provide a tailored IT solution to reduce overheads and improve the performance of your small to medium business.



Let us take care of the IT to leave you more time to run your business. We have the expertise to support, manage and maintain your IT to maximise productivity.



We utilise the latest design and content management technologies to ensure that you get the most out of your online presence and reach your target market.



We work with EcoXpert Certified Technicians and end users to bring the right solution for your automation needs, either at home or at the office.


Sydney Home Automation Systems

We specialise in home, building and commercial automation all across Sydney. Our installers are C-Bus experts and can safely provide your beautiful home or office with a smart automation system to suit your needs. We are proud to give residents and business owners in Sydney access to powerful cutting-edge technology that will enhance lifestyle efficiency and provide increased home comfort. The future is here and we can equip your building with smart automation solutions that will to keep up with even the most demanding work.

Our C-Bus installers are also EcoXpert certified. What does this mean? This means that they are approved directly by Schneider Electric, a global giant within the electrical field known for setting the industry standards in safety and quality. With this, you can be assured that your automation system is running at an optimal level while maintaining a low environmental and energy output to minimise the impact on the ecosystem.

Convenient, Secure & Reliable Smart Home

With Technology on Tap’s automated system installed in your building, everything can be controlled by our C-Bus automation system. An example of this is that you can tell the system to open the blinds at precisely 6 a.m. every morning or automatically switch on the lights as soon as the sunsets. Not to mention that you still have complete control over your electrical home system remotely.

Forgot to lock the front door? With our home automation you can do it remotely! Left the air conditioning on at home? Our automation system can take care of it. With just a smart device and internet connection, you can control your smart home from anywhere, anytime. Or with C-Bus home automation, your smart home can be set to control your home devices automatically and consistently without fail.

If you still aren’t convinced, then simply head down to our office and check out our showroom on display. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to demonstrate the various options and styles of a smart home automation system and the vast benefits that it can offer you, your family or your office. Experience the comfort, luxury, convenience and security of your family with our smart automation system.

IT Support & IT Services Sydney

When Sydney businesses need Information Technology (IT) support and services, they call Technology on Tap.
That’s because the tech experts at Technology on Tap teach businesses to get the most out of their technology. Businesses who hire Technology on Tap for IT support find they increase efficiency and spend less time on each task when they learn to use their resources wisely.

We Analyse and Train to Boost Efficiency

Learning better strategies isn’t a yawnfest with our IT services. Sydney businesses depend on us to analyse their current technology use, develop strategies to better utilise their technology, and if needed, recommend an upgrade. We train staff members to feel comfortable using high-tech processes in a friendly, approachable environment. As a result, productivity rises.

No Intimidation, No Tech-Speak, No Worries

We understand most businesses don’t have time to learn all of the confusing terminology used by most teams from small business IT Support. Sydney small businesses know that we’ll explain things in everyday, easy-to-understand language. We’ll never try to intimidate you with geeky terminology.

IT Support for a Global Presence

With our experience in industry-standard cloud-based business solutions, your business can support branches all over the world.

Update your technology with us and watch your business grow with Technology on Tap IT support. Sydney businesses in the know trust us for quality IT services. Contact us today for a consultation.

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