Latest Comelit Products for Your Home

Every single day, new technologies become constantly more accessible to humanity. Makers and builders produce innovative devices and ground-breaking equipment just to make everyday life simple. The rising trend of making lifestyles as uncomplicated as possible is the dream for most people. This is why newer products are made available to you and your homes. The goal of innovation and automation is to make sure that your every day is as stress-free as possible.

As one of the most well-known names when it comes to technology and automation, Technology On Tap partners with Comelit in making your homes protected and convenient. We specialise in home automation and protection systems integrated into your locations. These are some of the latest products they have for you:

The SMART Series

With the current situation today regarding possible violence and rising disorder all around, protection and security can never be fully guaranteed by yourself. Your homes need an all-around system that can keep you and your families safe even in your deepest sleep.

CCTV Cameras and Video Surveillance Recorders

Unparalleled security and precise protection are the main reasons Comelit birthed its SMART Series. Equipping cameras and video recorders with the latest, state of the art technology, home breaches and transgressions have never been easier to track down and prevent. Some of the new features of the SMART series cameras and video recorders include these:

  • Full HD up to 4K Resolutions for more detailed video surveillance of the area
  • 120 dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function for balancing light sources in image captures
  • Smart IR function to lessen saturation points of images
  • CMOS SONY STARVIS sensor to provide exceptional details
  • 24/7 functionality in all lighting conditions
  • Cloud Storage backup in case of video recorder damages

The best part about the SMART Series is how easy it is to access and control through your very own mobile phones. You don’t have to worry about rushing to your computer screens to view your homes, you can do that all with the tip of your finger. 

ICONA Manager

The ICONA Manager is your door entry monitor home manager. It makes functions across your homes as easily accessible in one portable screen that houses controls for your home functions. You can now command and govern your homes in any of the following aspects:

  • Door and gate automation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Consumption Management
  • Scenarios
  • Audio Distribution
  • RGB Lights
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Management
  • Load Management 
  • Irrigation
  • Video Entry Technology
  • Anti-intrusion

Accessing the activities in your homes has never been easier with ICONA. In one big screen, you get to manage many of your housework and responsibilities.

Mini Wifi

Opening the doors of your new home has never been easier with the Mini Wifi. All you need to do is set up the device in your homes, connect it via your smartphones, and activate the facial recognition feature. Opening your doors is as simple as looking at your mobile screens right at the tip of your fingers.


Making your homes smart via automation and technology makes your every day life more simple and more stress-free. Here at Technology On Tap, we can make your homes as intelligent as you at the convenience of the most portable things you already have i.e. your smartphones. Make the move of keeping your lives as comfortable and on guard as possible. 

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Relevant Home Automation Updates for 2020

Unifying your entire home in one big accessible control is the trend nowadays. Newer methods and the latest high tech gadgets are always innovated every day to make life simple and more integrated. From making all controls and connections wireless, up to adjusting your home temperature levels with a button, home automation has never been as easy as before. Right now, everything can be in your hands at the touch of your hands. 

Big names in the industry, probably the ones that you and everybody else are aware of has been constantly making big innovations. These names in the industry are always on the constant hunt to work with your favourite brands. Among some that you may have heard making big waves in the world are Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

These brands are truly focusing on making life at your places more connected. These companies are coming up with new devices and functions that encompass the entirety of your homes. 

These are some of the latest updates from the big players this 2020:

Google Home

Google’s Home with the aid of Google Assistant can do so many functions. From the original 4 smart home brands that it used to work with, this voice-controlled device really expanded the range of devices it works with. Now, smart gadgets like Smarter Coffee 2 or Emberlight smart lights, or your Nest thermostat, can be controlled by Google’s home automation device. As of now, it can control devices of up to 1,000 smart home brands or about 10,000 smart home devices. 

Apple Homekit

Apple’s Homekit is also a smart automation application available in your iPhones with voice commands spoken to Siri. It can control smart equipment of brands like GE Window Airconditioners, Robin ProLine doorbell, August Smartlock Pro, among others. Although Apple’s Homekit can manage many brands, its simplicity really rests on the fact that you can use your phone to control these devices. This literally puts your homes at the palm of your hand. 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa, on the other hand, is seen to get smarter with time. Partnering up with 100,000 devices spanning over 9,500 brands, Amazon’s Alexa definitely tops of so many smart automation brands. This voice-controlled device can easily integrate your entire home with one command as it encompasses so many brands and home accessories. 

Among many signed partnership brands it garnered this 2020, Kohler, Oral-B, and ASUS are included. Moreover, Amazon Alexa works with some of your vehicle brands like BMW, Ford and Toyota. Alexa’s wide range of devices puts it ahead and in rave among consumers. Engagements with Alexa nearly doubles every single year.


Technology on Tap has always been on the lookout to make sure your homes possess the opportunity to be as smart and as integrated for the comfort of you and your family. We make it our job to keep things simple and easy for you with the help of many automation devices. Who says you need to be worried at keeping your doors and all your house securely locked. 

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How IT Consultation Services Improve the Efficiency of Your Workforce

For every company, may it be big or small, money is always given utmost importance in testing performance. However, as much as money is important, it is also important to consider the workforce. If you’re working for a company, this includes you, your coworkers, and even the maintenance personnel who keep your surroundings clean. You should be your company’s most important asset, and you’re just as important as the business you work for.

As such, companies investing in technology nowadays should mean to make things easier and more accessible to you and everybody else who works for the firm. Your time should not be wasted on tasks that can be done by your office software in under minutes. Your company should be able to use the technologies it possesses to do all the things that it can at a given time. Otherwise, why would you need to give up your break time to catch up on other things that could have been done much earlier?

What is workforce efficiency?

Improving your company’s workforce efficiency means you and your workmates spend less time producing the same output of work.  IT Consultation services improve this by making optimal use of technology, doing as much work or producing as many results as it simultaneously can. More time is given to the personnel to do something else, adding more outcome for the company. You can do something else while productivity is still running for you.

What can we do for you?

Technology On Tap offers services that give IT Consultation Services for your company needs. 

We offer the following to you:

  • IT solutions for the technologies in your company
  • Advice on technological upgrades suited to your firm
  • Additional management services that your business might need

How can we help you be more efficient? 

As a result of our services, the improved efficiency of your workforce is guaranteed. These are the ways we can help you at work:

  • Spending less time on tasks

Since we make sure that your software features are maximised, you have more time on your hands to do other relevant things that can make your day’s tasks more productive. You can create more output in less time needed. You can even have more time to spare to take a break and eat the food you want without having to worry if tasks are being left off.

You’ve probably experienced working overtime in the office, especially ones that require more time and sometimes more collaboration with your coworkers. But when tasks are delegated properly between you and the technology you use, there are greater and more accurate results, additionally cutting down on the time needed. Tasks turn more efficient and company investment on technology are used to full capacity.

  • Having a more flexible time at work

With the help of our services, less time is spent to get better results at work. This makes your time inside the office more flexible. You can schedule tasks and work that can easily be shifted around if the software you use can give the same results with the same amount of time. In which case, you can also start some tasks ahead in order to maximise your stay inside the office.

Your coordination with other coworkers or your team regarding certain tasks can also be adjusted given that much of other pertinent tasks and responsibilities can now be done with the aid of software that can be used anytime. For example, you can now plan things with your teammates with more personal consideration and accommodation, making things more optimal for everybody.

  • Less human interaction

Outsourcing has always been an option for companies who can’t invest in the best technologies yet want to boost their business. With this, businesses can also maximise the time in their hands. If we do some of the tasks for your company, having fewer people around can help you do things faster. Delegation of responsibilities doesn’t need to take more than half the time as compared to actually doing your tasks.

Technology On Tap can help in advancing the efficiency of your workforce. We have been top-notch solution providers for almost two decades. We provide upward solutions to make sure that you have the best time at work. 

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A Complete Idiot’s Guide to IT Consultation Services

We live in an age that crucially values convenience and efficiency. Each of us owns different technologies and should pretty much be able to do things with the snap of a finger. From acquiring the most current mobile phones to buying the latest software, our lives right now ought to be a lot easier right? However, we also live in an era where smartphones are smarter than us.

Technology makes life fast and easy, but making full use of what these innovations have to offer makes life even easier and faster. We should take full advantage of it. With businesses or homes, and technology playing hand in hand to be more productive, three things are key: efficiency, knowledge and management

This is where we, Technology On Tap, comes into play. We give support and services for your company needs and teach you how to make home automation easier to understand. Here’s a fool-proof guide on how IT services can help your lives be better.

What are IT Consultation Services?

We provide IT Consultation Services in which we provide advice and solutions based on your technology at your business or in your homes. 

Here at Technology On Tap, these are some of the things we can do for you:

  • We improve business by maximising the features of systems and software you use. We integrate features and functions across software to lessen runtime.
  • We offer consultation services regarding updates and upgrades of your technology that are more suited for your current needs whether it’s home automation or AI implementation.
  • We give other management services like monitoring and real-time tracking.

How can IT Services Improve your business?

Most of the time, complex systems can offer so much more than they look. By paying hundreds of dollars every year, these systems ought to be used in full capability every day. This can help you in two ways:

  • It significantly lessens the time it takes to do the same, if not, even more work.
  • Different systems possess different features, with some more obvious to use and others more hidden and overlooked. This reduces human interaction and maximises the technology you have, making your business cost-efficient.

What can we teach you about improving the technology you already have?

With the constant upgrading of technology, business owners face the awaited dread of continually paying for premium technology. Ironically, this doesn’t always mean being more productive, especially if the software isn’t used optimally. We can teach and give you guidance in which technologies (both your existing equipment or new ones) you can invest in. We can assess and recommend the ones that will give you the most top-notch performance to keep your business running smoothly.

Whether it’s for a choice of full home automation or just identifying the best software to upgrade or get for your company, our team of experts can give suggestions in which tools help you perform better. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the most efficient programs and software to upgrade or buy.

How can we help you manage your business?

Besides maximising capabilities, and giving you full-fledged knowledge on what you can do with your current technologies, we can do more for you. We also provide management services for your businesses. We can handle time-consuming processes like monitoring, tracking and more, so you have more time focusing on important aspects of your business.


For businesses and even home processes, time is of the essence. There are many things that should be done to keep firms at par level and compete with others. With the help of current technologies, your business can remain in many ways, the industry leaders and way ahead than others. Matters at home can be more comfortable and stress-free by the boost of gadgets that aid in everyday chores.

To truly help your desire to improve your business, Technology On Tap can provide that big push to make your management processes more outstanding and make sure your technologies will work to achieve exceptional results. You deserve to be as smart as the technology you have. 

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The True Value of IT Management: Do You Really Need This Service?

Nowadays, businesses aim to operate at a level where cost and expense are minimal. This comes with the corresponding goal of doing business without sacrificing the quality and calibre of the services and products they offer. As such, one of the ways companies do to minimise their costs is asking another source or firm to do other business-related matters for your company — outsourcing.

As one of the premier IT-based companies operating around for more than a decade in the industry, here at Technology On Tap, we have garnered many experiences in the field. Our skill in IT Management services allows us to help our customers and extend our services. 

What are IT Management Services?

IT Management services are outsourced services for IT-related needs. Among other services in line with our centralised ticketing system, these are some of the things we do for our clients:

  • Monitoring ticket logs
  • Finding products that need more attention
  • Finding duration for ticket resolutions
  • Real-time tracking

How Can You Benefit From Our IT Management Services?

There are many benefits to acquiring services from another company. Here at Technology On Tap, we make sure that we contribute good value to your company.

First, hiring an outsourced company is that your cost lessens significantly. Many companies hire entire IT teams to do minimal and pertinent tasks daily. Imagine the price a firm pays off which could’ve been allotted to other aspects of improving the business. Expenses can quickly spiral out of control especially for unpredictable tasks that require more people and take up too much time. Getting an outsourced company for some functions makes the business more practical.

Another, your focus on the company is maintained. Every moment spent on doing something already costs your time, effort, and attention. The moment you make us do some of the most mundane yet necessary operations like monitoring your logs, and updating your database, your focus to the real core activities of your firm. More undivided attention is given to the activities that give value to the firm.

Next, we are an expert in IT Management services. The company has been running for around fifteen years. With this duration in the industry, different experts are helping you do your business the best way. On top of lessening cost, efficiency is guaranteed. The solutions our team offers are ways that have been tried, tested, and have ultimately aided many clients in their respective businesses.   

Lastly, there is more support from the team. We can be right on your site in minutes to fix what’s wrong. Even more, our help is there for you every step of the way, from installation to maintenance. We will not leave you alone.


With the fast-paced era today, in business, every single second counts. A moment of difference changes everything; may it be possibly landing a good deal that can earn your company millions, or missing an opportunity that can dump major losses in your activities, time is very crucial. You shouldn’t have to choose dividing it with other aspects of the firm. At this time, IT Management services arent only needs, they’re crucial.

You need someone who can keep up with all the other things that are pertinent to the important matters. Technology On Tap will provide IT Management services for you. 

If you need someone reliable and competent that can make work easier for you, call us at (02) 9517 1726  or send us an inquiry at