Current Trends in Commercial Automation in 2020

Commercial automation has been on a steady rise over the years. After all, time is money. Making things simpler and more efficient in the workplace puts your business a notch above the rest. This is why current technology addresses not only the automation needs of homes everywhere, but it focuses on the mechanisation of business. The reliance of business on the human agency will be more flexible. Putting trade in technology becomes productive.

As such, many businesses you may know might be very hi-tech in their nature. It’s not without saying, but whatever investment it is that’s put into businesses via equipment is something that will bring more profit or lessen cost. As such, choosing the appropriate technology for your businesses is a big decision to make. Which technologies, for both big and small businesses alike, one should really divulge in when doing businesses?

Here is a list of some current products in commercial automation that may suit your enterprise today and the future:

Schneider Electric’s Clipsal C-Bus

Building control and management have never been easier with the Clipsal C-Bus Automation System. With an easy to use interface and simple integration within your buildings, the Clipsal C-Bus is an outstanding commercial automation investment for your enterprises. 

Some of the things you can do with this automation system include:

  • Building lighting functions
  • Control of office system from mobile phones
  • Audio-visual setting activation
  • Turning on and off of air conditioners
  • Blinds and windows control
  • LED lighting controls
  • Access and garage doors
  • Motion and occupancy sensors command
  • Building energy consumption monitoring

With Schneider Electric’s Clipsal C-Bus, you’ll never have to tire yourself in double-checking or triple-checking your buildings. This building management device does the job for you.

Comelit Security Products

A huge part of building management is the security of your locations. After all, having your office place protected makes sure that you get to spend more time being productive in business rather than worrying about intruders or security concerns posed by anybody outside of your business. Comelit has always been a known name in the field of security and protection. Their state of the art security systems is always on the move for innovation, making things more secured.

If you want to add an extra layer of protection to your enterprises, Comelit offers their SMART Series. This security product line includes CCTV cameras with a resolution that aids in easy identification. This is useful for intrusions and break-in attempts in your building. This series also offers surveillance video cameras which operate 24/7 to make sure that your buildings aren’t missing anything in the blink of an eye.

VidaBox Integrators 

Commercial automation also means that your technologies should be easy, accessible and open to your people inside the building. As such, displays, gadgets and equipment should be placed and protected in a single place. VidaBox specialises in stands and mounts. You’ll never have to worry about your tablet or monitor slipping out of place. Vidabox mounts them in place. From glass door mounts to entrance door stands, your systems are literally a hand away.

Ness Smart Products

Apart from automation systems that can control your buildings, there are so many smart products that are great in helping your businesses. From smart speakers, wireless intercoms to automated doorbells, you’ll need smart products, not only to control your buildings. They are essential in making sure that your workplace is well-integrated and balanced with your people. Having these small devices makes your establishment more friendly in the midst of work.


Technology has always been designed to make life easier. Devices are made to make work better and more optimal. These current trends in commercial automation may be one of the many emerging ones, but we can without a doubt, make your workspaces advanced and more manageable for you. Here in Technology on Tap, we value the easy and uncomplicated connection of your workplaces and commercial spaces to the latest technology.

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Pros and Cons of IT Consulting

At this point in time, technology is all around us, giving the complicated a simpler outlook and making lives more efficient. You probably have a couple of devices and equipment that do these simplifications for you. Your smartphones make communication better. What used to be a pen and paper waiting game for a response can now be resolved with the literal touch of your hands. However, more than that, what you don’t know is that your smartphones can do so much more.

This is what IT Consulting can do for you. IT Consulting is a case study of the technologies you buy and maximising it for your benefit. You might never know, but your upgraded digital programs or new office devices have hidden features that are just not as easy to discover as reading the user manuals given to your upon purchase. Here at Technology On Tap, this is what we do: We analyse your technologies and maximise them so you get the best out of them.

With every action, there will always be an edge and a disadvantage present. The same with IT Consulting services, there are Pros and Cons for you to consider. 

These are Cons of IT Consulting services:

Additional Short Term Cost

Hiring an IT Consultant from a different source might spike a little bit of cost especially in the beginning. Employing IT Consultation services mean that your company needs to hire somebody else and not all companies are as affordable especially if the quality of work and efficient output is put into concern. Many IT consultants charge by the hour basis while there are others you can leverage with especially if the trust is already established.

Need for Newer Technology

IT Consultation means that recommendations are given to your company. This usually includes the kind of technology your firm possesses which affects a big portion of upgrades. You might be forced to spend on newer technologies that can match with the rest of the technologies in your place. 

IT Consulting services will help maximise what you currently have but also point out newer and better innovations. This can make your company unexpectedly garner additional cost.

Limited interaction

Since IT Consultation services are third parties that you will hire, that means that your IT Guy is not really just across the room who you can just run to when there is something up with your systems. If you have legitimate concerns, you need to wait a bit or encounter a bit of downtime for the mitigation of your concerns.

Even if there are Cons for employing IT Consulting services, there are clearly still wins and advantages for having a third party consultant for your IT needs. 

These are the Pros of having IT Consulting:


While short term cost might put your company in a ditch at the beginning, long term wise, hiring IT Consultants can lessen your operational cost. You will only be hiring the service that comes with the IT Consultation. As compared to having an in-house IT person, where you spend for your IT person, you will also be spending on the equipment and the overhead costs you’ll be incurring.

Invaluable Expertise

IT Consultants have various and extensive expertise already. This expertise comes from working across different industries and backgrounds. Handling your IT problems and giving the most top-notch recommendations for your firm might come from regularly being exposed to different scenarios which contribute to a better way of handling your IT matters. 

IT Consultants will have the best and the most updated know-hows on tackling different things for your company’s technology. If you have any enquiry about the latest technologies for your firm or you’re simply curious about the conditions or situations of current innovations, all you need to do is contact them.


Sometimes, you don’t need an IT Consultant all year round. Sometimes you only need to have one for projects within your firm that deals with the technology you currently have. This is where hiring an IT Consultant comes in handy. If you need to have consultants for a project-only basis, then having a consultant is for you. All you need to do is contact your IT company. This is especially useful if you plan to control costs for your companies.


Technology on Tap is the IT Consultation company that can provide you with all the services and information that can help your business achieve its goals through technology upgrades. We have experts from all around different technology industries to help you with your IT needs. 

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