The Benefits of a Wireless Home Alarm System

Back in the day, the home security system is hardwired. Most of the time, technicians will open up the wall to run the wires. These wires connect all the necessary peripheral requirements such as a keypad, sensor, and camera for the security system to work. In case you need to call for maintenance, alterations and upgrades, the technician will have to open and take it out again. 

With a wireless home alarm system, it eliminates the need to run the wires across your home to connect all the necessary peripheral devices. As they say, gone are the hardwired days because everything is now connected to one main control panel. And that’s how a wireless home alarm system became popular to every household considering its remarkable benefits, convenience and accessibility. 

How it works: Wireless Home Alarm System

A wireless home alarm system is powered up by a battery. It eliminates the need to hardwire and open up your walls to connect to the power source and the necessary peripheral components. Also, the wireless home alarm system has a dedicated cellular connection in case you experience a power outage or intermittent connection. 

To keep your home security device working, check your batteries regularly to ensure it has enough power to keep your home alarm system operating 24/7.

Advantages of a Wireless Home Alarm System

  • Security. Unlike the traditional wired security system, your power and internet connection is accessible and can be disarmed conveniently by any unwanted visitors.

With a wireless home alarm system, it’s more reliable because it has a dedicated secure cellular connection. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when the power and internet services will go out. 

Also, it’s a battery-powered device that enables real-time alerts 24/7. It allows you to be aware and take action anytime for any vulnerabilities in your surroundings.  Always check your batteries periodically.

  • Remote access. The wireless home alarm system allows you to access and monitor your security system through a computer, tablet and even your smartphone. It allows you to keep track of all sorts of movement in and out of your residence. It’s one of the most valuable benefits because it gives you peace of mind. Knowing that even if you’re away from home, your place is secured.
  • Portable. In case your family decides to move out from your current residence, you can easily grab and pack your security system at any given time. Because your home alarm system is not hardwired, this doesn’t necessitate you to remove its accessories such as the camera, detectors and other peripheral components.
  • Flexible and easy installation. If you frequently move from one place to another, you can easily set up the device by yourself. It will only take minutes to remove and install your wireless alarm system to your new location. You can also expand and add another device to your security system. For instance, there’s a baby on the way and you want to add or install a camera to your child’s nursery.
  • Affordable. Back in the day, a wireless security system is expensive. However, as the technology industry grows and continues to expand, people can now choose from a plethora of technological innovations from one brand to another. And it came to the point where wireless alarm systems are becoming more affordable than the traditional wired security system. 

Therefore giving people the freedom to install the device by themselves without the assistance of an experienced technician.


The wireless home alarm system is the foundation of a truly smart home. The coverage of its security system is remarkable that makes your home safe and technologically advanced. With a wireless home alarm system, it eliminates the need to open up your wall, let the wires run across your home and patch or tape the wires once it’s done. 

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Should You Install Home Automation Systems Yourself?

The rise of the do-it-yourself culture has continued to grow and empower people to do some simple things to complex tasks. Thanks to the wide array of fairly low costs and easy installation products; purchasing entry-level home automation system products made it in every household conveniently.

While some of these entry-level home automation products are ideal for beginners or DIYers, there are advanced home automation systems that require professional skills. But, in reality, some DIYers prioritise the price of a professional installation without considering the quality and important factors. In a nutshell, the simplest comparison between professional and DIY installations:

  • Professional installation is easier
  • DIY installation is cheaper

To give you a deeper understanding of your next home automation project; take a look at what should be DIY or professional installations to help you make the right choice.

Professional Home Automation Installation

When you opt for a professional to install your home automation system, it allows you to simply put up your feet and relax while waiting for them to finish up. There are plenty of perks you can benefit from a professionally made home automation installation job.

  • Troubleshooting. A professional installer will assist you in handling your new equipment and will give you specific details on how to use them.  Furthermore, they can even help you troubleshoot problems that will occur later on. 
  • Security assessment. Professional installers will not only install their products right away once you purchase them. Companies who offer home automation installation will give a thorough house assessment for potential hazards, evaluate what are the necessary steps to take and suggest how to secure the entire property.
  • Proper placement of equipment. A knowledgeable installer will not only give you a walk through the ins and out of the home automation system. The technician knows where to place your equipment especially the motion-sensor device. Safety and security are the reasons why you want to get a home automation system in the first place. Improper placement of this device might lead to false alarms or undetected break-ins.

DIY Home Automation Installation

Whether it’s electrical works, installations or painting the house; the simplest way to put things together as to why people opt to do things by themselves–it’s cheaper and saves money. Additionally, people can choose from various plug-and-play home devices and appliances conveniently.

  • Entry-level home automation systems. Modern entry-level home automation systems don’t require professional assistance or technical knowledge upon installation. 
  • Simple installation works. Surprisingly, as simple as changing a light bulb. That’s how easy and basic to install some of these home automation systems are. Because companies producing these DIY products have pre-program the devices to save you time and a lot of patience.
  • No installation fees. You have full control of doing the installation and a bonus of not having to pay for any installation fees.
  • No professional assistance. In case you need assistance to troubleshoot your home automation device or equipment, no professional assistance is available to walk you through the process.

Professional Installers in Sydney

The goal of getting a smart home automation system is to make all of your home devices work seamlessly together. And doing the installation by yourself is not always flawless in every situation. This is where the DIY installation falls short. Indeed DIY installation has its advantages. But if you want to experience the full benefits of smart home automation, do not hesitate to call the most reliable professional installers in Sydney.

Technology On Tap can provide you with high-quality and cutting-edge home automation systems at a reasonable price. Our team of professional installers will walk you all throughout the process without a speck of difficulty. All you have to do is tell us what you need to keep your family and the entire property safe. 

Technology On Tap is your trusted home automation installers in Sydney. We deliver the best IT services solution. The remaining and challenging question is, until when will you continue to do-it-yourself or when will you call your local professional for help? 

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Is Australia Embracing Home Automation Systems?

Recently, a social survey revealed that Australians are not keen on adopting new technologies quickly. Moreover, they are willing to invest in other future technologies such as self-driving cars or smart home innovations.

With all the current technological development in today’s world, our lives rely completely on smart and innovative technologies. It has become an integral part of our daily living that without these advances, our life seems empty and feels like there’s always something missing. And this is one of the reasons why Australians have become increasingly interested in adopting the idea of smart technology and home automation systems. 

Although the country doesn’t always get to be the first one to adopt smart innovations all across the globe; they will come straight away when technology becomes accessible.

What is Home Automation System? 

Home automation systems are the ability to automate or remotely control your household appliances and other electronic devices in one common network. With the use of your smartphone or other portable electronic devices, it enables you to control within the comfort of your home and even if you’re away from home.

While home automation technology sounds complicated, it is easy to install when you hire a reliable and professional team of IT experts. These experts will help you create a solution for your home automation system and you rely on Technology On Tap to deliver you with the right IT services. 

Advantages and Safety Features of Home Automation System

Superior safety feature for appliances and lighting control

With a home automation system installed, you will be able to control even the smallest appliances and lighting in your property. Not only it will elevate the security in your home, but you’re also guaranteed that that safety of the entire household is simply right at your fingertip.

Besides safety and security, it also saves you electricity use since you have the option to turn it on and off at a specific time.

Automated door locks

One of the most incredible added security features when you install a home automation system, it will enable you to lock your doors simply with the tap of your fingertip. It eases your mind quickly and doesn’t require you to physically go down the stairs and check them one by just to make sure they’re locked.

High-security cameras

We all know that you can’t be in two places at one time. This means that even within the premise of your property, you’re likely to miss the inevitable things from happening. However, with a home automation system installed, you don’t have to worry even the unwelcome guest from their unbeknownst arrival.

Its security cameras are capable of detecting even the slightest movement which gives you peace of mind and security even when you’re asleep.


Currently, we live in a world where time is the most essential and valuable thing for an individual. Some individual even runs from place to place or always on the clock to accomplish everything in an endless to-do list. With an automated system, you don’t have to worry about running home late to unlock the door for your kids after school. Technology allows you to conveniently save you time and increases your productivity.

Economical and convenient

One of the most valuable advantages with a home automation system is that it saves you significantly on your monthly utility. Besides its money-saving features, you don’t have to hurry and stop by your house just to turn off the appliances or lightings. This technology entails convenience and complete control over your entire property.


Home automation is increasingly growing and changing in Australian households. With new innovations for home automation, you’re likely to have the advantage among other residents while elevating the security measure in your entire premise.

Safety and security for your family must be on top of your priority list. With Technology On Tap, we will make it possible. We will provide you comfort, safety and security by simply tapping your fingertip. With our IT experts, we guarantee you high-quality, yet affordable home automation services.

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What is C-Bus Home Automation

C-Bus Home Automation is the best example of having power at your fingertips. We now live in the golden age of technology where comfort and convenience are simply a press of a button away. With home automation, you’re allowed to control and operate any electronic devices anywhere in the world. Whether through your mobile device or any portable devices you have at hand.

Home automation provides an opportunity for you to tap the luxury of technology that seems to be impossible back in the day. And as technology progresses and continues to expand, so will the endless possibilities of making life easier, comfortable and enjoyable for home automation consumers.

How C-Bus Home Automation Works?

C-Bus Home Automation or simply known as C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for homes and buildings. This is used to control electrical services such as airconditioning, alarms, lightings, motorised blinds, etc. 

Virtually, C-Bus is easy to control and operate in any type of electrical load with an on and off button. It allows you to independently and remotely control any of your smart devices and appliances through an integrated system. This means that your device can be programmed to work individually or as a unit connected into a shared network. You can tap c-bus home automation to the following appliances, but not limited to:

  • Television, audio and other entertainment systems
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Lightings
  • Air conditioning
  • Security systems

Advantages of C-Bus Home Automation

Keeping up with the latest technology or simply showing off how advanced your residential place may not be the only purpose of having c-bus home automation. There are plenty of practical and incredible advantages home automation has offered to the homeowners and other consumers.

  • Integrated management. Being able to manage all your electronic appliances in your home in one interface is incredibly a big step forward for technology. By simply learning how to use the app on your tablet and smartphone, you can tap countless functions in managing your home.
  • Flexibility. With home automation systems, it allows you to accommodate new devices or appliances and even the state-of-the-art appliances; it can be integrated seamlessly.
  • Maximises home security. Comfort and convenience, c-bus home automation also enables you to elevate your home security. From motion detectors, automated door locks and other tangible security measures can be activated through your mobile device. This means you can have a good night’s sleep with just a tap away before heading to bed.
  • Remotely controlled. Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry to avoid the city traffic just to get in time for work, we leave the lights on or even forget to turn off the media. With c-bus home automation, you can simply check what you have overlooked earlier through your smartphone.
  • High energy efficiency. Home automation enables you to maximise your energy use, such as giving you precise control over colling and heating your home. You can simply program the thermostat in accordance with your schedule and temperature. It even suggests how you to set the energy throughout the day efficiently.
  • Improved electronic functionality. When you install c-bus home automation into your home, it allows you to operate your electric appliances better. It will provide you with suggestions for better apps and channels, making it more convenient while minimising the stress of browsing the vast network.


C-Bus home automation has simply made the impossible to possible. When you install home automation into your home, it’s as similar to having a personal assistant at home–only it’s artificially intelligent. Don’t get left behind with what c-bus home automation can offer to your life. Using smart home technology is rewarding for your family and your business.

Technology On Tap can provide you with a highly skilled IT support team to install high-quality c-bus home automation system into your home. We provide comprehensive IT services and solutions that enhance your home with today’s most advanced technologies.

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