Cloud Services: Does Your Sydney Business Benefit From Them?

Cloud services provide affordable access to applications and other resources over the internet. With cloud services, you’re no longer required to install hardware or internal infrastructure. It also offers a wide range of accessible services for companies and customers. These services include collaborating documents, emails and other web-based services.

A company that utilises cloud computing services holds a vast and competitive advantage in the world of enterprise. Besides cost-benefits, cloud services make every operation efficient such as checking email, collaborating on documents and more. Most employees use cloud services throughout the workday, which makes daily business operations seamless. But, there are still companies that fail to acknowledge the existence of cloud services and how they can reap its benefits.

What is Cloud Services?

Back in the day, applications or programs run from the software that’s downloaded from a physical computer. Today, cloud computing eliminates the use of hardware or internal infrastructure. Instead, it facilitates ease of data flow from front-end clients to the system provider and back.

Cloud services or cloud computing is a term used in describing the use of software and hardware via the internet. Third-party providers host these infrastructures, databases or platforms in delivering vital information, systems and programs for web-based users.

Cloud computing performs as storage, manages and processes data on a network of servers that are hosted remotely via the internet. Additionally, cloud servers free up most of the computing power or the individual memory of computers and other devices.

Advantages of Cloud Computing 

In every new business venture, we all want to give it due consideration while outweighing its advantages and disadvantages. We want value for money when it comes to investing in something. And adopting new technology to your business is challenging and requires technical expertise. But if you know how to manage and make the best out of it, you will profit from these emerging technologies.

Besides setting you up a virtual office, cloud services guarantee your business a considerable amount of advantages, including:

  • Efficient and cost-effective. Cloud services do not require businesses to purchase or maintain physical equipment and employ the workforce to grow your company. Since you’re no longer needed to run a physical data centre, you don’t have to invest in any maintenance costs. These investment costs include space, insurance, physical security, etc.
  • Data Security Whether it’s a small or large scale company, data security is every business’ utmost concern. A data breach and other cyber crimes can cost thousands of dollars once penetrated. With cloud computing, it has advanced features that guarantee top-notch data security.
  • Flexibility. Cloud computing allows enterprises to scale up and down their IT departments. If your company demands an increase in cloud-based solutions, you can quickly increase your company’s capacity. The flexibility of cloud computing minimises the risks of in-house operation and maintenance.
  • Strategic and competitive advantage. Most businesses rely on web-based applications. If downtime occurs in the middle of its daily operation, companies can lose a significant amount of money. With cloud computing, it guarantees consistent performance without worrying about server failure. Cloud services give you an unequal advantage against your competitor. 

IT Support and Management Services in Sydney

Typically, smaller or medium companies are at a disadvantage against large scale companies with their in-house capability. Moreover, you’re now on a level playing field with these large companies without the need to invest heavily for your own data centre.

Technology On Tap provides IT Consulting and IT Management solutions that reduce overheads while improving your company’s performance. Our IT experts can provide your business with an industry-standard cloud-based solution. Cloud services allow your company to be ahead in the competitive domain of enterprise.

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Smart Lighting for Your Home

The age of the smart system is officially upon us. It’s revolutionising how we live our everyday lives with the help of technology. A smart lighting system is a great addition to your living space. It will greatly help you find your way in and out of your home without fumbling in the dark. If you’re coming home late at night from work because you can simply command your light to turn it on for you.

Smart lights are similar to the traditional light bulb. The only exception with smart lighting systems is that they can be controlled remotely through mobile apps, voice or Bluetooth. The smart lighting system is a good way to start your home automation journey. If you’re interested in integrating smart technology into your home; a smart lighting system is your first step towards adopting new home innovations.

Types of Smart Lighting

  • Bluetooth capable. Although you can easily tap into your mobile device, it has a limited range which limits lighting control.
  • Wi-Fi enabled. Allows easy access and control with the lights in any location. You can connect to hubs and other devices through your router.

How to Choose the Best Smart Light?

If you’re convinced in upgrading your outdated lighting system. There are things you need to consider before you buy your first smart lights. This will guide you in choosing the best from a wide array of smart lights out there in the market. Initially, smart lights will cost more than a regular bulb. However, its benefits are significantly unmatched that can offset your initial costs in the long run. 

  1. Choose the right platform. To ensure that you have the right setup, look for a smart lighting system with the best platform. A smart light is more than just illuminating your living space or programming when to turn on and off the lights. 

A smart light with the right platform can handle different devices, capable of operating in different home control point and other smart security systems that you might want to connect later on.

  1. Smart lights with a hub. Since smart light uses wireless transmission, you will need a Wi-Fi hub to send and receive the right signals to your router going to your cloud. 

How it works: Plug the hub into the router. Then, it will translate the right signals to your home network.

  1. Energy and cost-efficient. Smart lights may sound expensive. Compared to a regular bulb, smart lights are less expensive than any incandescent light. LEDs are designed to last for years. Not only it will save you dollars from buying incandescent bulbs from time to time; you’ll save some energy cost as well.
  1. Smart light that promotes better sleep. Our brain is sensitive to light. With smart lights, you can easily set the light in stimulating your brain to gradually help ease you out from your bed especially in the morning.
  1. Long-lasting. Most smart lights last longer than any regular bulb since they’re in the form of CFL or LED. Usually, LED or CFL have 25,000 hours of light life. Let’s say you use it 5 hours per day multiply it for a year. It will take 13 years to replace your LED light. 
  1. Increased home security measures. As mentioned earlier, you have to choose the right smart light with the best platform. Because there are smart lighting systems that include safety and security measures such as motion-detection feature. You can have it programmed to any of your portable devices to send motion alerts in real-time. 


Although it’s not hard to choose the right smart lighting system. It does pay off to familiarise yourself on what are the necessary things to consider when buying the best smart lighting for your home. Don’t stress yourself out; call the best IT experts in Sydney to give you the best smart automation system advice for your home. 

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Beginners Guide to Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are also known as connected or communicated thermostats. This smart device allows you to automatically and program your home’s temperature settings based on your personal preference. 

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi-capable devices that automatically adjust the cooling and heating temperature settings in your home. This smart device is just like your ordinary and normal thermostat. But, the only advantage with a smart thermostat is that it can be controlled remotely through a mobile app and other portable or internet-connected devices.

Also, a smart thermostat allows you to optimise energy use. This means that you can reduce energy bills while seated comfortably without putting a lot of effort on your part. 

How does a smart thermostat work?

Typically, a smart thermostat is wired into your home’s heating, ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system through a common wire or C wire. Because your smart thermostat needs a continuous power to operate. In older homes, you can get your home wired for a C wire if you want to install a smart thermostat. 

C wire is necessary to get your smart thermostat working. Because the device must be connected to the HVAC system directly without affecting other wirings in your house. Itt should connect seamlessly to your home Wi-Fi. Allowing you to control the temperature settings, including:

  • Mobile control. Smart thermostats have digital screens allowing you to change or adjust the temperature remotely even if you’re inside the car or out of town.
  • Humidity control. With smart thermostats, you can’t adjust the humidity but you have the power to monitor or set the alarm when your home’s humidity goes off.
  • Geofencing capability. You can program your smart thermostat to run on specific times of the day. It will allow you smart thermostat to adjust when you’re on the way home automatically. Additionally, with geofencing, you don’t have to worry about going out on sudden out of town trips. It adjusts your home’s temperature accordingly for efficient energy use.
  • Connects to smart speakers. Most smart thermostats can be paired with your smart speakers. This is one of the smart devices that can speak to each other.

Main Benefits of Smart Thermostats

  • Optimises energy use and reduces utility cost
  • Most smart thermostats allow you to track your energy use
  • Smart thermostats are equipped with sensors that can detect movements
  • Compatible to different smart device platforms 
  • Can be controlled through voice command

What to consider before buying a smart thermostat?

  • Check for your HVAC and electrical systems. Make sure to check if the smart device is compatible with your electrical systems. If not, you can have it rewired by a trusted technician.
  • Convenient use with smart devices and Wi-Fi connection. Smart thermostats require the use of smart devices for remote monitoring and control capabilities. And some older adults might find it complicated to use. 

Should you install the smart thermostat?

As mentioned earlier, smart thermostats must be wired with a common wire or C wire. Rewiring and connecting your smart thermostat to your HVAC, then to your internet requires professional skills. If you want to experience the smart thermostat’s optimal capability fully, call your local professional installer to do the job for you.


Many homeowners can’t wait to try smart thermostats and know if this smart device lives up to its name. By owning a smart thermostat, it gives you significant and useful benefits, especially your monthly utility bill. However, there’s more to it than just your utility bill. Smart thermostats are remarkably convenient. 

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