5 Office Automation Ideas

In every company, employees have different tasks and responsibilities to fulfil. And with each role they play, they all had a fair share of not getting the job done on time. However, with today’s advanced innovations, it made every handful and complicated task simple.

Implementing office automation systems offer an array of advantages including reduced time and resources on repetitive or redundant tasks. If you’re one of the employees that spend more hours just to get your job done on time, you might want to consider these office automation ideas into your organisation. 

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Advantages of Office Automation System

In today’s fast-moving age, office automation offers an array of advantages for companies whether you’re a small or medium organisation. Office automation systems provide efficiency, increase productivity and allow you to focus on a more important task. 

To put it briefly, office automation frees us from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. However, there are more advantages to office automation than just being productive to your job, including: 

  • Efficient data storage and management
  • Saves time, money and other resources
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks which result in reduced workload
  • Accomplishes various tasks faster
  • Allows multiple updates simultaneously in real-time
  • Accurate and effective than a human brain which reduces the probability of errors

Some companies prefer humans to handle administrative duties, some prefer the efficiency of office automation systems. However, the most important variable between these different opinions is that they can produce and deliver the job efficiently.

5 Office Automation Systems

Discover these 5 office automation ideas to make repetitive tasks seamless while promoting productivity and efficiency within the company and other business deals.

  1. Electronic Publishing. The primary advantage of electronic publishing is that it eliminates a significant amount of use of paper which reduces the cost of purchasing them.
  1. Electronic Email. Email is the most popular, fast and inexpensive mode of delivering messages or information from one company to its customers. With automated electronic email, it allows the user to filter, file and prioritise emails accordingly.
  1. Image Processing. Allows you to convert photographs, drawings and texts into a digital form which can be stored into the computer system. This provides easy access to send, store and print from one computer to another.
  1. Facsimile.  One of the most efficient ways of delivering documents from one company to another is through a fax machine or facsimile. 
  1. Desktop Videoconferencing. The fastest and efficient way to hold or gather a face-to-face meeting from different locations is by video conferencing. If your company has business deals from foreign companies, this technology is hassle-free which allows you to save time, money and other resources in your company.


Installing office automation will not only save you from a pool of email or paper documents. It will also help your organisation save a significant amount of important resources allowing employees to focus on a more important task.

There may be differing views when it comes to the significance of office automation systems because it eliminates human resources. However, we now live in a technology-driven world where everything is accessible at a tap of your fingertip. 

And adapting to these technological advances will not only provide efficiency and productivity. But they are also necessary as the organisation expands and develops. 

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5 Budget-Friendly Home Automation Ideas

Home automation has been around for about two decades providing easy-to-use devices that made our daily activities efficient and productive. However, back in the day, most home automation devices are limited to fancy and expensive homes. Moreover, as the market expands towards accessible home automation, smart home automation systems and devices have become feasible. 

Home automation devices became popular because it comes with a lot of benefits that significantly offer hassle-free living. For instance, you don’t need to stand to switch-off the light or control its brightness. Perhaps, you’re away from home but you want to turn on the lights at night making it look like someone’s in there. These are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy when you install a home automation system.

So, make your home smarter to make your life more comfortable. Discover our 5 compelling budget-friendly home automation ideas to make your daily activities at home convenient.

Why is home automation beneficial?

Besides the comfort that smart automation offers, it is also necessary to adapt to the technology-driven world. We are in the golden age of technology where you can access everything right at your fingertip. With a home automation system in place, it provides security, convenience and efficient solutions for individuals leading a busy lifestyle. 

Also, take advantage of the following home automation benefits

  • Peace of mind. Most home automation devices have 24-hour monitoring functions, detects activity and sends real-time alerts to your smartphone. With home automation’s operational capabilities, you can rest easy at night even if you’re away from home.
  • Savings. Home automation allows you to switch off your lighting, cooling and heating system even if you’re anywhere around the globe. It helps you improve your home’s energy consumption while significantly saving money on your utility bills.
  • Efficient and productive. One of the best features of home automation is that it allows you to manage all your home devices through one interface. With this functionality, it improves efficiency and promotes productivity. 

5 Efficient Home Automation Ideas

Over the years, automated devices have significantly made every homeowners’ lives convenient–all for a great value for your money. Also, by installing a home automation system, it doesn’t mean you have to break your bank. With these budget-friendly automation ideas, you’re sure to make your life efficient and productive. 

1. Security Home Automation

Security is one thing that every homeowner should not take for granted more than anything. Fortunately, with technological innovations, you can secure your doors, windows and every vulnerable threshold around your home with an automated security system.

A security automation system sends real-time alerts and signals to your control panel when someone or something tripped its sensors. You can link it to your smartphone so it will notify you when you’re at work or even on a vacation.

2. Lighting Home Automation

Lighting home automation systems has an array of affordable to premium products with slightly different to similar operational capabilities. You may be familiar with the lighting home automation but we want to emphasize that lighting automation is more than just illuminating your home. With a lighting home automation system, you can experience aesthetics with added security features.

3. Entertainment Home Automation

Basically, smart home entertainment allows you to connect your home appliances, devices and other essential home technology in one. It gives you access to your home entertainment remotely to relax, monitor and even retrieve or track your device. 

4. Smart Thermostats

The smart thermostat is another home automation system that features efficiency, money-saving, convenience and more. A smart thermostat will not only improve the indoor air quality but it will also learn your living patterns. By learning your living patterns, the automation system will adjust automatically when you are most active.

5. Automated Irrigation Control System

With a smart home irrigation system, you don’t have to worry about coming home late to water your lawn or garden. Just like any automation system or device, an automated irrigation control system features money-saving, efficiency and productivity. 


Prioritise your needs, know what you want from a home automation device or system. Look for a home automation system that will help you improve your daily activities, promote productivity and most of all will secure your home 24/7. 

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How to Keep Your Home Safe Through Home Automation

Safety and security are the reasons why homeowners pay a generous amount of home security devices. In the old days when home automation is not around, all we have to secure our homes is a piece of lock and key. 

With today’s array of premium and affordable automated security devices, leaving your home for a vacation will never be a problem. Why? Because you can keep an eye to your home at any time of the day through your portable devices.

But, how can home automation system and devices keep your home safe even when you’re not around? Read on to find out how can home automation keep your home safe.

How Does Home Automation System Secure My Home?

Home automation allows your portable devices such as your smartphone to communicate from one smart device to another electronic device. Once your smart device is connected to the home automation system, you will be able to manipulate your devices at home. For instance, you connected your lights, garage doors, electronic devices, door locks, security cameras and more. 

Either you manipulate it with the use of a voice command or simply control the device with a tap of your finger. You can turn on and off the lights, lock your doors or monitor your property through your smartphone. 

Today’s advanced technology has significantly shaped the way we communicate with our smart devices. With this innovation, not only will it keep our home safe but it also significantly provided certainty that you can rest easy at night or even when you’re away from home.

Home Automated Door Locks

You don’t have to go through all the doorknobs around your home to ensure they’re locked. With smart locks, you can access your doorknobs at any time and can even set them at a certain time to ensure your home is secured. 

There are several options to choose from for your smart locks such as a Bluetooth door lock or Wifi supported smart locks. The Bluetooth door lock detects and notifies any presence automatically and is more secured over the Wifi smart locks. However, Wifi smart locks offer a significant feature that allows you to access them when you’re away.

Whether it’s a Bluetooth door lock or Wifi smart lock, look at the beneficial value it can do for you. And also, you have to consider value for your money. But one thing is for sure, Bluetooth or Wifi smart locks, they amplify your home’s security.

Home Automated Controlled Sensors

If you don’t like surprises and wants to easily detect any movements around your home’s premise, controlled sensors are suitable to cater to your needs. This type of home automation allows you to detect any presence whether you enter or leave the property. 

By activating the sensors, it keeps you informed as it sends alert in case of unwanted break-ins or someone trying to make their way into your property. You can install these controlled sensors to your doors, windows or any vulnerable threshold around your home.

Remote-Access Security Cameras

Back in the day, before the advent of the internet, monitoring your property while you’re away is impossible. However, with today’s advanced and affordable innovations, everything is possible. By simply connecting your security cameras to your smartphone, it provides you remote-access in monitoring your property’s premise.

There are cameras with Wifi that allows you to monitor your home with a constant live feed. Depending on your resources, you can choose from a wide array of home automation devices that features an all-in-one security automation system.


Home automation will not only provide convenience and allows you to save money on utilities but it will also amplify your home security. Peace of mind is one of the greatest benefits of home automation. We are all aware that you can’t be in two places at once or keep an eye in every corner of your home. 

But, with home automation, it allows you to monitor and control your home from your workplace and even when you go on a vacation. There are several and premium home automation systems available in the market. To ensure high-quality automation standards that cater to your needs, let the experts in Sydney install your home automation system. 

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Easy Home Automation Lighting Setup

Today’s advanced innovations enabled us to control or monitor everything even from remote locations. Also, it made our daily activities efficient and productive. As the demand for efficient innovation increases, this necessity pave the way to one of the most in-demand fixtures in our homes. 

Back in the day, lights are used to illuminate our streets, pathway and homes at night. Today, lighting automation is more than just providing us with light in the dark. Lighting automation creates automated changes or alterations in lighting levels to emphasize the architectural structure or adjust the level of illumination. 

Smart lighting will not only provide visually appealing lights and convenience but a multitude of valuable benefits as well including savings on utilities, improved home security, peace of mind, etc.

Smart Lighting System Technology

Nearly everything is possible with a smart lighting system. However, depending on your needs and interest, know what you want from your automation lighting system. Installing a smart lighting system is not as simple as replacing your light bulb. A lighting system has an array of apps and key feature options including:

  • Lighting control such as brightness and dimming
  • An outdoor motion-detector lighting system
  • Security lighting 
  • A lighting system that controls the temperature
  • Remote-access lighting control

Choosing your Automation Lighting System

Installing a home automated lighting system depends on the scope of your project including your experience, skills and tools. As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to know the lighting system’s functionalities since there are options with simple installation to complex configuration.  

Also, you have to consider for any existing automation systems as it might affect the timeline of the installation process. Some smart lighting system requires you to spend on replacing any old light switches, wiring configuration, connecting from your internet to the hub and more. 

If you want a hassle-free option, you can just buy the smart bulbs. Just like any conventional bulbs, simply screw the smart bulbs into the light sockets. However, this type of device provides limited features.

Installation Process of Home Lighting Automation System

Home automation system made our daily living efficient and productive. With these automated devices, it enabled us to control, secure and monitor our home from remote locations. 

But, when it comes to installing a home automation lighting system, it will depend on what type of home automated lighting you will choose. Some installation will only require you to replace the light bulb and connect it to your smartphone. While the other option might require an expert’s assistance. 


Thinking of bringing smart lights into your home? With today’s advances, setting up home automation devices comes with an easy installation to complex setup. So, it all narrows down to your preferences. However, if we delve into the home automation lighting system or devices, some provide comfort while the others are coupled with compelling features.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, most automated smart lights provide convenience, amplified security and remote-access when you’re away from home. Call Technology on Tap if you want to start your home automation journey today!

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