5 Benefits of Hiring IT Management Services

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IT is one of the ways businesses can have a competitive edge in today’s increasingly dynamic market. For small and mid-sized organisations, hiring IT departments can become impractical, mainly because of the associated high costs. Managed IT Services Providers offer a means for businesses to manage IT-related costs while getting access to the latest technologies. 

A 2016 study by CompTIA projected that the managed IT services project will grow to $193 billion in 2020, which means that more and more firms are looking externally for IT expertise. 

Some of the benefits of hiring  IT management services include: 

  • Reduce and Control IT Costs

Managed IT providers generally offer monthly subscriptions, which will help a company budget on its IT needs. It is expensive to hire and train in-house IT departments and specialised IT personnel demand high salaries that may stretch the resources of a small firm. With managed providers, you get IT support and maintenance at an invariable monthly fee. 

Businesses can also eliminate unforeseen IT costs due to issues with systems like ERP and disaster recovery. IT consultants will detect any vulnerabilities in your system and fix them to avoid unexpected challenges. 

The reduction of downtime will boost your firm’s productivity since your systems will be up and running all the time. Improved customer satisfaction will subsequently result in increased sales and profits. 

  • Access to IT Experts

Our IT team at Technology on Tap is not only experienced but well-versed with current technological trends. Our employees specialise across many areas, meaning that all your IT needs will be satisfactorily catered for. We are also always in touch with our industry partners to be ahead of advancements. 

Security is one area that companies should not overlook. Different malware forms are continually being created to target various vulnerabilities in IT systems. You will need to be one step ahead of cyber-attackers to protect your firm’s IT integrity. 

The costs of hiring specialised personnel are prohibitive for many companies. Added to the costs of hiring these employees, your limited resources may be unable to keep up. 

  • Round-the-clock Availability

Every business will benefit immensely from reliable IT operations. You can say goodbye to frustrating downtimes, thanks to 24/7 support, monitoring, and maintenance of IT systems. 

We will resolve issues before they become problems and ensure that users have a pleasant experience. By installing preventative measures, your systems will run smoothly throughout. 

  • Boost Productivity

A survey done by Robert Half Technology showed that US workers spend 22 minutes a day dealing with IT issues, which adds up to two workweeks a year. As the statistics show, workers are caught up trying to fix problems they may not even understand if they do not work in the IT department. By laying out efficient IT infrastructure, your employees will concentrate on their respective roles. 

Outsourcing IT services help businesses concentrate on their core business. The improved downtime will promote seamless communication with suppliers and consumers. IT systems are also useful in managing a lot of data so that no time is wasted when looking for particular information.

  • Be Competitive

By gaining access to the current technological advancements, your company can earn a competitive edge in its industry. Systems like ERP and CRM help to streamline organisational processes and improve customer satisfaction. You can also leverage technology to offer services that your competitors are not offering. 

IT costs can lock out small businesses from the benefits of reliable IT resources. Big companies typically have the budget to afford a highly-specialised IT department. Managed services make it easier for smaller firms to access similar technologies but at a more manageable cost. 

  • Security and Compliance

IT is a pretty dynamic field, and regulatory authorities have to keep drafting laws and regulations to promote best practices. Take the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) instituted by the EU in 2018, for example, that increased inspection of the capabilities of the data security infrastructure of multinationals. 

The US and other European nations have instituted their IT regulations, and it is best to be on top of these developments. A provider that is well-versed with aspects like PCI Compliance Standards will ensure IT compliance. 

Our IT Management Services is the Right Fit for Your Business 

If you have been discouraged by the costs of hiring and retaining an IT department, an external consultant might be the right for you. At Technology on Tap, we provide 24/7 IT support and maintenance and customise an IT model that will make your firm more efficient. Just call us (02) 9517 1726 and we will make it happen.

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