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5 Office Automation Ideas

In every company, employees have different tasks and responsibilities to fulfil. And with each role they play, they all had a fair share of not getting the job done on time. However, with today’s advanced innovations, it made every handful and complicated task simple.

Implementing office automation systems offer an array of advantages including reduced time and resources on repetitive or redundant tasks. If you’re one of the employees that spend more hours just to get your job done on time, you might want to consider these office automation ideas into your organisation. 

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Advantages of Office Automation System

In today’s fast-moving age, office automation offers an array of advantages for companies whether you’re a small or medium organisation. Office automation systems provide efficiency, increase productivity and allow you to focus on a more important task. 

To put it briefly, office automation frees us from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. However, there are more advantages to office automation than just being productive to your job, including: 

  • Efficient data storage and management
  • Saves time, money and other resources
  • Simplifies repetitive tasks which result in reduced workload
  • Accomplishes various tasks faster
  • Allows multiple updates simultaneously in real-time
  • Accurate and effective than a human brain which reduces the probability of errors

Some companies prefer humans to handle administrative duties, some prefer the efficiency of office automation systems. However, the most important variable between these different opinions is that they can produce and deliver the job efficiently.

5 Office Automation Systems

Discover these 5 office automation ideas to make repetitive tasks seamless while promoting productivity and efficiency within the company and other business deals.

1. Electronic Publishing

The primary advantage of electronic publishing is that it eliminates a significant amount of use of paper which reduces the cost of purchasing them.

2. Electronic Email

Email is the most popular, fast and inexpensive mode of delivering messages or information from one company to its customers. With automated electronic email, it allows the user to filter, file and prioritise emails accordingly.

3. Image Processing

Allows you to convert photographs, drawings and texts into a digital form which can be stored into the computer system. This provides easy access to send, store and print from one computer to another.

4. Facsimile

One of the most efficient ways of delivering documents from one company to another is through a fax machine or facsimile. 

5. Desktop Videoconferencing.

The fastest and efficient way to hold or gather a face-to-face meeting from different locations is by video conferencing. If your company has business deals from foreign companies, this technology is hassle-free which allows you to save time, money and other resources in your company.


Installing office automation will not only save you from a pool of email or paper documents. It will also help your organisation save a significant amount of important resources allowing employees to focus on a more important task.

There may be differing views when it comes to the significance of office automation systems because it eliminates human resources. However, we now live in a technology-driven world where everything is accessible at a tap of your fingertip. 

And adapting to these technological advances will not only provide efficiency and productivity. But they are also necessary as the organisation expands and develops. 

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