Why You Need IT Automation Systems For Your Office

When you’re at a set of traffic lights or under the street lights, there aren’t any traffic lights or street light operators that decide when to turn on the lights at night and change the red light to green. It’s done by an IT automation system which is all around us.

Almost every small and large industries’ utilises automation system. In fact, most IT organisations use multiple automation technologies to make operational and repetitive tasks less of a burden and make every work simple and easier. 

System automation is the use of control system processes which reduces the need for human intervention. Most modern processes use control systems such as computers or robots to monitor and handle machines. Utilising IT automation system in your workplace provides plenty of advantages such as:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Profitability

Reasons to Invest in the IT Automation System?

When it comes to efficiency in the workplace, it is best to consider other options that promote productivity and better management of your organisation. With the help of automated system software, it makes monotonous work less tedious and makes your company more competitive.

Although some tasks need human intervention, automated tools make your work efficient which gives you more time to focus on other tasks and strategic direction. On top of that, humans make mistakes when they reach their limit.

Benefits of IT Automation Systems

  • Lessen or eliminate manipulation of paper documents
  • Utilises your employees’ time better
  • Improves customer service
  • Reduced labour costs 
  • Allow or promotes new business opportunities
  • Cost-effective and productive even while sleeping
  • Easily manage decentralized teams in different time zones

As the demand increases within an ever-changing and dynamic world, you don’t want to miss an opportunity what advanced technology has to offer. In order to survive and pursue the strategic needs of your business while reducing cost and increasing efficiency, and IT automation system is your solution.

The automation system is a highly strategic method often overlooked in seeking ways to get an edge in an innovative world. It will not only simplify your company’s operation, but it will also speed up your company’s services and compliance with your customers’ demands.

Automation system software goes beyond the traditional and conventional data management in advancing your company’s software systems and programs by integrating all your processes.

IT Automation System Solution

Typically, humans dislike repetitive tasks. However, computer systems perform them without complaint. Automation provides support assets in areas human resources can’t intervene. Fortunately, automated systems can make it work day and night conveniently.

Automation is not a trend, it’s a technique that gained popularity and its potential is infinite. There are plenty of ways to automate your business’ processes. In fact, there’s no shortage of tools which you can utilise for your company’s programmed tasks.

The automated system software is designed to perform programmed tasks. Instead of operational and repetitive tasks, IT automation system makes it less tedious. In creating a monotonous task simple, it will not only make yourself comfortable, but you will also make your employees and the rest of the organisation happy and productive.

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What is Automation Testing?

One of the most important phases in the development process is testing. It will not only denote bugs and ironed out making for the product, software or hardware to function as expected or as close to the targeted result as possible. 

Most of the people in the software industry know the clear definition between manual testing and automated testing. Although there is no better or worse between these methods since they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a software testing method that is automated which examines or compares the actual outcome with the expected outcome. Generally, it’s achieved through writing test scripts or with the use of automation testing tool. It runs a set of tests repetitively without having to execute them manually. 

Automated testing is suitable for large projects which require repetitive testing or projects that have already been through an initial manual testing process.

Manual Testing

While on the other hand, manual testing is a repetitive and time-consuming process which involves checking log files, external service and the database for errors. It requires physical resources to ensure the software code does everything it’s supposed to do.

Manual testing can run in various periods during development but this is mostly performed by developers or hardware engineers themselves to quickly test whether the changes they have made did produce a desirable effect. 

One of the most conclusive differences of manual testing from automation testing is that it allows human knowledge to draw insights from a test that’s often overlooked by an automated testing program. However, most of the tasks with manual testing are demanding even though they seem easy enough to do and this is where automated testing comes in.

While extensive overall testing will follow through after a group of minor or major changes to the product has concluded.

Why is Automation Testing Important?

In developing and improving the effectiveness of the testing process, developers opt for automated testing after the initial launching of the software. And in order to ensure the newly released software’s functions, it’s better to compare it with the old functionalities accordingly. 

It’s difficult to test all the functions of the software manually without automation tool and do some bug fixes at the same time or every time you compare it with the new addition of functionalities. With an automation tool, it is more effective in terms of cost, time, resources, etc.

Key Advantages of Automated Testing

  • Saves time and money by creating testing more efficient
  • Better testing accuracy rather than a test directed by humans
  • Helps developers by finding bugs and errors quickly and efficiently
  • Support various applications
  • Increase testing coverage with its various testing tools

Different Levels of Automation Testing

Automation test pyramid strategy calls for automating test at three different levels. The test pyramid is a tool to fix the problem of over-reliance on running UI tests. 

  • Upper levels are more expensive to write, maintain and slower to run
  • Lower levels are cheaper to write, maintain and quicker to run

Automation testing is one of the most efficient ways to fulfil most of the testing goals with effective resources and time. With the increasing pace of technology more than ever, it becomes challenging for most companies in managing their web applications’ quality due to the following factors:

  • A limited time window in agile development
  • Testing often misses out the attention it deserves
  • Cost factors

Lack of poor testing often leads to a poor and bad quality product, delayed delivery, unsatisfied custom services and eventually increases in costs. The reason behind such issues are due to an unplanned test management strategy, delay in development and underestimated the effort of creating a test case.


Automation testing offers a plethora of benefits as the industry is immensely progressing around automation. However, keep in mind that manual testing comes in handy for better automation testing. Since there is still a chance that it might fail to deliver your project on time. The possibilities are endless, yet the most critical and common factor is choosing the wrong automation tool.

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Introduction to Data Center Infrastructure

A data centre is known as the server farm of the computer room, a physical facility designed to house critical applications and data. It is where a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared data and applications. 

A data centre is a valuable resource that can leverage, monitor and manage facilities and other systems in one centralised location.

What is Modern Data Centre?

In today’s era, a modern data centre infrastructure shifted from traditional physical servers into a virtualised infrastructure. This means that its support applications and workloads from pools of physical infrastructure shifted into a multi-cloud environment. Its reach stretches across multiple public and private clouds to the edge of the network via mobile devices and other embedded computing. 

With this constantly shifting environment, a data centre both the former and modern must reflect the intentions of users and its applications.

What are the different types of data centres?

Hyperscale or Enterprise Hyperscale Data Centre

A hyperscale or enterprise data centre is a facility owned and operated by the company it supports such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. It is built, owned and operated by companies and are optimised for their end-users, for instance, big data and cloud storage.

Managed Service Data Centre

Managed Data Centre is managed by a third party on behalf of a company. Instead of buying the equipment and infrastructure, the company will lease them.

Colocation Data Centre

Colocation data centre consist of one data centre owner selling space, power and cooling to multiple enterprises and hyperscale customers in a specific location.

Colocation data centre offer interconnection to Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Salesforce or Platform as a service (PaaS) like Azure. It enables businesses to scale and grow their business with minimum complexity at a low cost.

Cloud Data Centre

Cloud data centre is an off-premise or a remote version form of a data centre, applications and data hosted by a cloud services provider such as Microsoft (Azure), IBM Cloud, Apple, etc.

Why Data Centre is Important to Your Business?

A data centre in the modern enterprise world is designed to support business applications and activities such as delivering digital services and online customer experiences, including:

  • Productivity application, Email and File Sharing
  • Communications and collaboration services
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Users and other shoppers may it be online or in a local store demand highly personalised and relevant experience. 

What are the benefits of a data centre?

A data centre has primary components such as storage systems, servers and applications to store and manage business-critical applications. Its functionality and solutions vary but its ability to fine-tune energy consumption and manage environmental factors can significantly reduce costs. 

With data centre infrastructure’s software, companies can significantly benefit by allowing you to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Discover cost-saving opportunities
  • Improve overall IT service delivery
  • Automate and improved capacity planning
  • Optimise and efficient asset utilisation


Different data centres come very different needs and network architecture types. With today’s technological revolution that is rapidly changing the course of businesses and other industries, the accelerating changes can significantly impact data centre management. 

A data centre offers a plethora of benefits to store and manage resources including operations, process information and privacy protection. It is where the majority of enterprise servers and storage are located, managed and operated. 

While we all can reap from this remarkable discovery, we are required to abide by stringent security and compliance standards with data protection.

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What is Big Data Optimisation?

Our technology is generating data. For instance, when you use your smartphone, call your family and friends on Facebook and even when you go shopping online. You’re producing data and leave a digital trail of information. That is Big Data.

In this digital and highly competitive period, the effective use of data is the key to making your business a market leader. Unorganised data leads to unreliable datasets, insights and devices. With this dilemma, it can lead to poor decisions within your organisation which cause users and consumers to suffer.

Big data optimisation established a new era in decreasing the cost and tedious task of gathering and storing data in massive volumes. With proper usage of Big Data, it enables solving a lot of problems, increases in speed, productivity and reliability of the company. 

Big Data Optimisation

The idea of big data has been around in businesses for decades such as the use of basic spreadsheets, graphs and feedback forms to track customer’s insights. The only difference is that we can tap the right tools to analyse and maximise the benefits of big data. Generally, big data is involved in collection, consolidation and analysis to uncover new insights in creating value, customized and improved experience for all of us. 

In the past, most companies utilise the long and expensive method in sorting through the information manually. With today’s data analytics and machine learning tools, it is made easier to access business in which they will translate it into valuable insights almost instantly. 

With its phenomenal growth and accessibility of information in this technological age, Big Data comes with additional resources through the following platforms:

  • social media
  • search data
  • multimedia content
  • climate information

What is the Purpose of Big Data Optimisation?

We live in a world of Big Data and to ignore it is a big mistake. Every device available in today’s age relies heavily on highly optimised big data. Businesses can benefit from big data optimisation as it gathers all the information you need and it can assist your business in mass personalisation. In addition, Big Data is utilised through the following:

  • Big Data is analysed by organisations and businesses in discovering trends and patterns related to human behaviour and its interaction with technology
  • Big Data is generated by digital technologies such as online shopping, human interaction on social media, use of mobile apps, etc.
  • Big Data is combined with other tools to further improve its ability in enhancing more personalized experiences

Whether your big data applications are helping to run smart cities or make better business decisions for your organisation, the promises of the internet of things are becoming a reality and now is the time to start optimising your organisation’s big data. 


Almost every organisation consider the use of big data to achieve a competitive edge in the market. People and technologies generate billions of data every single day. These figures serve a vital purpose to businesses who collect and analyse trends, patterns or where is the best location to put up a new concept store.

With the entry of advanced analytics, more businesses have seen the opportunity to create a competitive advantage within their market for better time management and cost-efficiency. 

Operating a considerable amount of data collected through various applications in multiple storage locations is both challenging and rewarding–Technology On Tap can provide you with IT professionals who will make the job simple and easier for you.

Technology On Tap will provide you with the best IT management solutions so you can stay ahead of the competition. We provide a full level of IT management services from small to large businesses with efficiency and reliability.

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Environexus Versus C-BUS Home Automation: Which Do You Prefer?

With the current trend on smart homes slowly integrating itself in current lifestyles, smart gadgets are also making its name in the industry. Investing in good things for your new homes is a heavy decision. After all, these things you put time deliberating in will stay with you for a long time. You shouldn’t have to constantly worry about devices that should do most house jobs for you. Always consider the functionality and scope of these technologies made available for you.

Among the thousands of gadgets and home automation systems available in the technological industry and market, there are two names that do their jobs well. Reliance and innovation play an important role in these kinds of equipment. The more automated these gadgets can make your spaces, the more value it can give you. These two home automation systems are Environexus and C-Bus. However, how exactly do they perform in automating homes?


Nero by Environexus is a home automation system designed to make things simpler and more integrated into your homes. In your homes, there are people who might have special needs and require more attention to get things done. Environexus prides itself as a brand that makes home automation system inclusive for everybody. The simpler the home automation system, the easier it is to understand its functions and the faster things are done in your homes.

There are many functions for the Environexus. It can be activated via voice control. It heightens more attention with its wireless sensors. There is a central hub for easier communication. This gives more help for people who are aged and those that require more assistance inside. Among many, these are some of the things Environexus can do for you:

  • Energy consumption management
  • Lighting control
  • Smart security system
  • Climate control
  • Wireless technology
  • Appliance monitoring

Environexus also works with plenty of other brands in the home automation technology field. These are some of the gadgets that can seamlessly work with home automation of Nero by Environexus:

  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Smart Voice
  • Google Assistant
  • Sonos
  • Hue
  • Lifx
  • Somfy
  • Airtopia
  • Savant
  • Logitech Harmony
  • Danalock

Among the many things that Nero by Environexus can do for you, it really puts itself out there especially for homes that require a more pronounced need for automation. The goal of Environexus is to make things simpler for everybody.


C-Bus is Schneider Electric’s innovation in the home automation scene. Schneider Electric has always been known for not only making things easier at home but in business locations as well. C-Bus home automation system is also fitting for different kinds of commercial and residential applications. C-Bus is an all-around aid in automating the daily tasks to give you your desired free time for family.

C-Bus includes many functions in its system. Since it works not only for homes and buildings, it widens its functions to different aspects of locations. These are the things your C-Bus home automation system can do for you:

  • Curtain and blinds control
  • Pool temperature management
  • Gardening management
  • Smart security system
  • Lighting control
  • Temperature control
  • Entertainment system configurations
  • Energy management

It also works well with many known brands of home automation technology. Moreover, C-Bus is also flexible in making things more functional. Settings and controls for devices across your homes can be easily changed, added, and adjusted as you see fit. C-Bus makes things easier by making house tasks more flexible and easier to modify. You don’t have to worry about things performing half-heartedly by starting out automated and still changing it manually. Set it right.


Though Environexus and C-Bus are two of the leading brands in home automation technology. Each has its own strengths and advantage over the other. Environexus being an easier choice for homes that require special assistance and C-Bus for homes that want a more flexible approach in customising functions. Whichever home automation system suits for you, Technology on Tap is an expert in integrating these systems to your homes.

Technology on Tap has been around to make things easier and more doable for your homes. Home automation is no big joke and should be taken in as any investment. The goal of home automation is comfort and simplicity. We can do it for you. Take the first step with us in making things at home more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to give us a call (02) 9517 1726 or send us an enquiry here: info@techontap.com.au