CBUS Home Automation System

We’re the C-BUS home automation system experts in Sydney

Your time at home should always be relaxing and comfortable for you and your family. After all, the expression ‘home, sweet home’ should be absolutely reflected every day when you are at home. Having a C-Bus home automation from Technology on Tap professionally installed will allow you to embrace this feeling and give you a strong peace of mind that your home is under control.

What is C-BUS?

C-Bus is a system that allows the communication between networks and devices that operates and runs in your home. Home automation products such as lighting, electric blinds, entertainment systems and other electronic devices are connected to a central hub mainly by wires and can automatically be switched off and on or even adjusted according to your wants and needs.

With Technology on Tap’s C-Bus home automation, you can have the ultimate smart home, letting technology take care of the little details while you take care of more important things in life.

A tablet with smart home screen.

What can C-BUS do?

Having a C-Bus system installed in your home will help you better manage all your home devices automatically, giving you the freedom and getting your home to do the work for you.

Turning your household into a smart home will simplify your life. It will allow you to focus on other aspects of your life without having to worry about forgetting to turn off the light in the bathroom.

Smart homes are the lifestyle of the future. Technology on Tap is offering this lifestyle today. With a CBUS home automation system, you’re fully in control – you tell the system what to do and it takes care of the rest for you.

CBUS home automation can control:

    • Lighting
    • TV/ audio/ visual/ entertainment systems
    • Security systems
    • Air conditioning
  • Energy metering systems

… and much more, improving the functionality of your home and saving you time and money.

Having a C-bus home automation system is much like having a personal maid/butler at home without all the high expenses. You are now able to tell your home automation system exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. At incredibly affordable prices, Technology on Tap can offer to install a complete C-Bus control system to provide you with the convenience and luxury like no other.

happy family with tablet pc in bed at home

How can C-Bus help me?

  • Lifestyle – Whether you’re trying to change your lifestyle or need an automated home system that can keep up and complement your lifestyle, Technology on Tap’s C-Bus home automation system can provide it all consistently. Trying to wake up every day at 6 am for your daily exercise? Our C-Bus system can help shine your morning with the automatic opening of the blinds.
  • Energy efficient – Saving money and reducing carbon footprint can now be tracked and arranged through a central C-Bus control system. The system can automatically dim the light and heat controls under certain conditions to help you save on your energy bills.
  • Convenient – There is nothing quite like than having someone do the work for you to make your home perfect. Better yet, all of this can be manually modified from anywhere, all at the convenience of your mobile device.
  • Security – You could also make your home look like there is someone at home by presetting your lights to turn on and off while you are out of the house. On top of this, add the ultimate security with CCTV and motion/occupancy sensors which can be tracked and recorded for your insurance purposes. With Technology on Tap’s C-Bus smart home system, nothing goes under the radar.
  • Property value – A smart home can actually be a great financial investment as it adds considerable value to your home for future potential homebuyers. Get ahead of the pack and embrace the rapid pace of the advancing technology that is the future.

C-Bus home automation from Technology on Tap can do it all so you don’t have to.

Get your smart home to do the work for you

Working closely with you and your electrician, the IT support team from Technology on Tap will devise the ultimate smart home solution that meets your needs and fits in with your lifestyle. All of our C-Bus installers are certified by Clipsal at the highest level, giving you peace of mind that the work is being completed to the highest possible standards – as well as doubling your warranty!

Have tomorrow’s smart automated home today. Contact Technology on Tap to discuss your requirements.