Commercial Automation Sydney

What is Commercial Automation?

Commercial automation refers to the control system of a building’s electrical and mechanical equipment from a display screen or smart device. This allows the user to monitor, manage and adjust the lighting, heating, security system and electronics of the whole building with ease.

When the building has been fitted with interconnected systems that allows you to easily control and manage, it is also known as a “smart building”. A commercial building automation system can be fitted during construction or installed after a building has been constructed.

In some cases, you will be required to upgrade your existing commercial automation system in your building to the latest software for compatibility purposes. This is where Technology On Tap can help you.

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Why you need Automated Systems for your Building?

Smart buildings are becoming widely popular nowadays due to their powerful ability to manage, monitor and control from a smart device or tablet. This allows you to effectively and conveniently manage your commercial building. With the integration of our latest Clipsal C-Bus automation system, you can ensure that your office is completely self-automated to the way you desire.

Clipsal C-Bus standard—the standard by which automation industry professionals hold as the highest measure of perfection. The Clipsal C-Bus automation system is one of the most mature automation systems on the market today. With it, you can integrate your office lighting, audio/visual, air conditioning, security, and just about everything you can think of. You can control your whole system from a remote location with your mobile device.

What are the Benefits of a Commercial Automated System?

By having full control of monitoring your building’s mechanical and electrical equipment, you can make sure your office is secure and efficient in using energy when you automate your office.

You can use your new system to:

  • Ensure your office lights aren’t left on by mistake
  • Use the away mode to make intruders think there’s someone working late
  • Turn off lights and equipment when you leave
  • Control your office from your mobile device
  • Provide pathway lighting for darkly lit corridors
  • Turn on audio-visual equipment with a single click
  • Dim your lights and close your blinds with a single click
  • Automate your heating and air conditioning to turn on and off based on room temperature, time of day, and occupancy
    …And much more!

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What can be Automated in your Commercial Building?

When you go with Clipsal C-Bus automation, you can automate almost every electronic system in your office. When you’re on the road, no worries. You can control your office electronics from your tablet or smartphone. Technology on Tap technicians can automate the following systems and more:

  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Audio and TV systems
  • CCTV and security cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Intercoms
  • Air Conditioning and heating
  • Blinds and windows
  • Multi-colour LED lighting
  • Garage doors
  • Access doors
  • Motion and occupancy sensors
  • Energy metering monitors

Experience a Hassle-free Commercial Automation Installation

Technology on Tap insists that all our commercial automation systems technicians receive EcoXpert certification before they even begin work. Not only that, but we keep them updated on all the latest developments through continuing education program. Furthermore, most of our technicians have worked on C-Bus sites since 2004. With Technology on Tap, you have experience on your side.

We work closely with your electrician all the way from the planning stage until your system is up and running to integrate your office automation system into your existing electronics. Technology on Tap provides cutting-edge commercial building automation technology backed by their many years of experience and ongoing education.

Find out how you can minimise your energy use and maximise your efficiency and security at your office. Contact our Technology on Tap team for your free quote today.