Custom Automation Systems

In today’s day and age, the world is on a constant change due to technology rapidly evolving. Companies and government buildings will need to seriously pursue technological strategies that can help them in improving efficiency, increasing productivity, reducing costs and saving time.

We’re sure you don’t want to miss out on these technological changes that can improve the way you operate drastically. That’s why we’re here to help you on this journey by offering custom automation that does exactly what you need.

At Technology on Tap, we believe technology should be efficient, simple and elegant. As a business, you want an edge over your competitors and stand out in the way you carry out your operations and serve your clients. Without a doubt, you need the convenience of a leading-edge and user-friendly technology that can add value to your work. That’s exactly what we offer with our diverse custom-built automation solutions.

custom automation

In addition to our automation installation services such as CCTV/security cameras, lighting control, front door intercoms, air conditioning control, motion sensor, floor heating control and many more, we offer the following custom automation:

Streamlining operations

Companies in various industries are required to abide by certain rules and processes. In most cases, these rules are complicated and can interfere with the operations of your business. With technicians who have been working on various automation solutions for over a decade, we can offer you with the flexibility of a customised solution to ensure that you remain compliant.

And even if you’re operating in a heavily regulated industry such as finance and health or multifaceted project-driven industries such as engineering, you’re in the right place. We can provide a custom solution to create a smart and compliant workplace that will also streamline your operations and workflows while eliminating inefficiencies.

Connecting your processes together

Some of the biggest companies in the world such as Amazon have efficiently automated every part of their businesses through one-click processes. With custom automation systems in place, you can integrate every part of your business so that your operations from warehousing to customer delivery are automated seamlessly.

We enable you to control, monitor, and supervise at your very fingertips at the convenience of your smart device. Better still, you don’t need billions of dollars to integrate and enjoy the benefits of a custom automated system.

Enabling better marketing

Automation is an integral part of modern-day marketing and there’s no reason why you should be left behind. Whether you’re looking for ways to enrich your marketing data, enhance your lead scorings or find ways to monitor whether or not your customers are happy, we can automate your marketing strategies to provide all these services with ease.

Improving HR and support services

For businesses, there is arguably nothing more important than positively and perfectly managing their relationships with their clients. With that being said, we can provide your business with automation solutions that will allow you to support your team to perfectly manage and monitor client relationships.

Our automation systems will not just help you manage relationships with your customers but also with your employees as well. In short, we can provide a simple automated solution to streamline HR processes and also prevent issues with your clients.

Automation solutions to help you drive up sales

The importance of automated and streamlined sales processes within an organisation can no longer be downplayed. From sales data management, leads to the right people at the right time to follow-ups. We can help your business drive up sales through improved automated services.

Make your employees more valuable

It’s essential for every business to ensure that employees are unshackled from the yoke of low-value and monotonous work. This is very feasible with the implementation and application of the right automation solutions. As such, we can provide custom automation solutions to enable you to get more out of your employees. In other words, we can provide a way to help you customise your internal process so that you can optimise every part of your company’s performance.

We make everyone an expert

Automation can help you create user interfaces that make the integration of apps and data simple and easy. In essence, we provide and install custom-built automation systems that make every authorised personnel within your organisation an expert even if they do not have any coding experience. Instead of replacing your employees, our automation solutions will empower them to streamline your company’s workflows and operations for maximum efficiency and success.

Get a custom automation system installed today

At Technology on Tap, we believe that automation is here to stay and is becoming an important step for businesses to grow and outperform competitors. To sustain long-term growth and success in your business, automation must be an integral part and that’s what we offer. We provide custom-design, easy to use and reliable automated systems that are well thought out to work efficiently and give you peace of mind.

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