Environexus Home Automation

Looking for a way to automate your home in a green and environmentally-friendly way? With the help of Technology on Tap, you now can! We are proud to provide you with the new and modern Environexus home automation that will embrace your greener lifestyle in Sydney.

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What is Environexus home automation?

Environexus home automation is the clean and conservative way of integrating automation systems into your home. It helps make your life easier by connecting smart devices in your house together to run smoothly, efficiently and simpler.

They are widely used in homes that require assistance for the disabled or elderly. The Environexus system integrates voice control and wireless sensors to make daily tasks a breeze. This powerful piece of modern technology is truly remarkable and intelligent. The future is here and it is making a big statement by providing eco-friendly solutions.

We love environmentally-friendly automation

Environexus home automation is the best and efficient way to make your home more eco-friendly at the same time as improving your security and comfort. It’s easy-to-install, retrofit solutions can be applied to a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices, making your home smarter and saving you time, energy and money.

As we move forward into the future we will need to begin adopting greener initiatives to preserve our environment. While we adopt the future of home automation, why not make it a cleaner and eco-friendly? This way we get to experience the best from all worlds with a sustainable green smart home.

Businesses and retail shops have started adopting automation systems into their work practice to reduce the level of responsibility and costs. Our commercial automation is specifically built to help business owners with easy and eco-friendly automated alternatives.

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Features of Environexus home automation

Technology on Tap now has the expertise to bring Environexus solutions into your home in Sydney. We are happy to provide you with our latest and greatest technologies in home automation no matter where you are in!

With Environexus home automation you can:

    • Control all the lighting in your home from a single device which also provides dimming, enabling you to alter the ambience of each room to suit your mood.
    • Have total peace of mind about security when you’re away from home – Environexus will send a live view of your home to your smartphone if it suspects a security breach.
    • Program your blinds to respond automatically to different sunlight conditions, adding to your comfort and convenience at home or at work.
    • Track your energy usage in your home from your smartphone, so you can go greener, protecting the environment at the same time as saving you money on your household bills.

The future of the planet is in our hands. The future of living is smart and clean. Environexus home automation offers both solutions in one, at the touch of a button. We can completely personalise Environexus home automation setting to suit your lifestyle. Just simply talk to our team of experienced technicians to customise your smart home.

Call the IT services company Technology on Tap today on (02) 9517 1726 to find out more about how we can help you adopt a greener, more energy efficient lifestyle. If you are interested in how it works in person, our demonstration room is available in our office to showcase our amazing products for free.