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Want to add smart home automation to update your home to a new level of efficiency and security through an inexpensive solution? Technology on Tap has a team of technicians that can give your home the comfort you and your family deserve.

Our residential automation technicians are EcoXpert certified offering smart home solutions. Furthermore, we insist that our Clipsal C-Bus installers are certified by Clipsal. Their experience is second to none. They’ve worked on C-Bus sites since 2004, installing cutting-edge home automation systems around Australia. Homeowners can breathe easily and improve their living conditions knowing that an expert is in charge.

What is a home automation system?

A home automation system is a network of your home automation products such as entertainment system, lighting, security system, heating system and other electronic devices, all into one single control centre. Not only is this convenient but it provides you with greater flexibility over the functionalities of your home.

Home automation, in other words, is a combination of electronic interfaces, home services, hardware, and communication that connect one device with another via the internet. Each device has access control and is controlled through WiFi, so you can command them in easy communication from your smartphone or intercom whether you’re at your own house or miles away.

Technology on Tap’s home systems services can create a solution and provide a greater sense of security by monitoring and checking if any door is unlocked or which rooms are currently being occupied through motion sensors. CCTV surveillance can be observed on your control system device to alert you of any unwanted activities or intruders and protect your home, property, and family before it is too late.

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Top 5 benefits of home automation systems

  • Enjoy convenience like no other! – Control your home appliances and add home automation to enjoy the freedom of using your home appliances from one place, all you need to do is, use an app from your smartphone or iPad to access the functionality you always wanted for your home.
  • It increases your energy efficiency – Did your son or daughter forget to turn off the lights before going to sleep? Don’t worry, you can control your lighting and ensure that your electronic items are off while you’re away.
  • Peace of mind – One of the best reasons why one should acquire smart home automation is the security brought by automated door locks. As a homeowner, home security is one of your primary concerns, especially when there is an increase in the crime rate in your neighborhood that may affect your home or your business.
  • Change of lifestyle – Almost everyone wants a better and improvised way of life. By using smart home automation, not only can you easily eliminate the hassle of doing repetitive tasks in one room, but also increase your performance in home management. So, what are you waiting for? Gift yourself an exciting lifestyle and turn your house into a smart home.
  • Accessibility for all – With features like voice command or remote controls, these types of automation give independence and freedom to the elderly and people with limited ability. Powerful technology that can make all the difference.

We help Sydney families transform their homes through smart home automation

At Technology on Tap, we understand that nothing is more important than family. The health and safety of your loved ones can now be supported through your home automation system. Smart home products around the home can now be completely managed through a programmable controller. For greater flexibility, your home automation system can be modified through your mobile device, even when you aren’t at home. This gives you 24 hours of protection and surveillance against your home and property.

The future is now and so are home automation systems. Although we have not reached complete automation where you can turn on the lights by clapping yet, the control of your home devices are at your fingertips. This revolutionary concept is now a reality that will change the way your family live.

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Sydney home automation is what we do best!

We are up to industry standards—all the way from planning to the completed job. Since we employ only Clipsal-certified installers, you can double the standard warranty that you’d receive opposed if you tried to cut corners and hire non-approved installers. Because Clipsal C-Bus automation offers the latest work in automation, you can rest assured that your system is top-of-the-line technology. We’ll work with your home electrician to make sure your home system is built to perfection.

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What can we automate in your home?

With Clipsal C-Bus automation, a home automation product that supports automation functions such as irrigation and home security, Technology on Tap technicians can incorporate practically all the systems in your home into the automated system. Systems we can automate include:

    • Audio and TV
    • Heat and air conditioning
    • Security system
    • Front door intercoms
    • Floor heating
  • Blinds and windows
    • Multi-colour LED
    • Garage doors
    • Access doors
    • Motion and occupancy sensors
  • Energy metering monitors

And the best news of all—you can control them from your mobile phone and tablet for peace of mind—anywhere, anytime. That’s the kind of home automation Sydney homeowners have come to depend on since 2004!

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How can an automated home system help me?

Keep small problems from becoming bigger ones when you’re home and away. Here are a few things you can do with your automated home:

    • Use your occupancy sensors to ensure your home’s lights aren’t left on by mistake
    • Use the away mode to make observers think you’re home
    • Turn off lights and appliances when you leave
    • Control your home at your convenience from your mobile devices when you’re away
    • Set “goodnight” and “welcome” functions to your liking
    • Provide pathway lighting for late night bathroom trips
    • Turn on your TV, Foxtel and amplifier with a single click
    • Dim your lights, close your blinds and change the channel with just one click
  • Automate your air conditioning to turn on and off based on room temperature, time of day and occupancy

… And much, much more!

Learn how you can automate your home for improved safety and efficiency. Contact us for your free quote today.