Home automation technology has tremendously transformed the way manage and live in our homes and Amazon has played a critical role in this revolution. We’ve certainly come a long way since Amazon introduced its first Amazon Echo speaker in 2014 and things got even better when the online retail giant introduced Alexa; excellent voice integration in the smart home.

In addition to its superb Echo smart products family, Amazon’s smart products have become hugely popular with homeowners looking to make their homes connected. Amazon’s approach with smart speakers and other smart devices embodies the principles of a connected home: user-friendly smart tech gadgets that enable users to control various parts of their homes hands-free. This is basically why we, at Technology on Tap, believe that Amazon’s home automation line and gadgets are among the best that you can use in your home.

Amazon Home Automation Gadgets

There are hundreds of smart devices that are either manufactured or retailed by Amazon. But because we cannot highlight them all, here are some of them.A

Not long ago, using a smart system was all about asking Alexa to play the next song on your phone or to tell you who was calling. Fortunately, this voice assistant has hugely evolved and it continues to reshape the smart home landscape.

Alexa is arguably the most complete smart home system today. That’s because it’s currently built into various smart gadgets including TVs (such as Fire TV) and even thermostats (such as Ecobee4). This smart voice assistant can seamlessly integrate with hundreds of smart devices both from Amazon and other brands such as Samsung, Phillips, Nest and many more.

The fact that Alexa is affordable, easy to access and control are some of the features that make it a reputable product to use in your home automation. At Technology on Tap, we highly recommend Alexa as the best voice assistant thanks to its versatility, compatibility with other devices, ease of use and affordability.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

Another smart device manufactured by Amazon, this is one of the best smart speakers today if not the best. What makes it one of the best smart speakers to consider for your home automation is the fact that it’s designed with an audio-out jack. It can also transmit audio over Bluetooth and connect to a standard wired speaker too.

We love it because it’s cheap, easy to use and compatible with Alexa.

Ring Door View Cam

This is another unique product from one of the many Amazon subsidiaries. This smart device is a video doorbell that doubles up as the best security camera. Instead of mounting a camera to a doorframe or somewhere else, this smart device replaces the traditional peephole.

At Technology on Tap, we often recommend this smart security device for our clients living in apartments and do not want to deal with a complicated or hardwired device. It is also an excellent gadget if you’re looking for a smart doorbell.

You’ll love the fact that Ring Door View Cam is easy to install, compatible with Alexa and can offer a live feed of what’s happening right at your door on an Amazon smart display. Better still, this device allows you to communicate with whoever is at the door.

Amazon Echo Show 5

Amazon’s smart devices are not just about smart speakers and smart security. The company has one of the latest smart displays in Echo Show 5. This smart display can be an integral part of your home automation as it can display various parts of your home. From your kitchen to your bedroom, you can consider using this smart display in various parts of your home. You can also use this smart display to watch videos or make calls. Remember, it’s one of the most affordable smart displays currently available in the market.

Amazon Cloud Cam

Like many other homeowners, your security and those of your loved ones are on top of your priority list. Cloud Cam can enhance the security of your home. This is a budget-friendly indoor wireless camera that is convenient and in enhancing your security.

This smart device enables you to keep an eye on all the happenings inside your home remotely. It enables you to watch and follow what’s going on and can also communicate thanks to its two-way audio. In case of any security breach, cloud cam will simply trigger an alert on your smartphone.C

As you can see, Amazon’s smart devices are among the best in the smart device market. At Technology on Tap, we highly recommend Amazon smart devices for your home automation needs. For more details, feel free to contact us on (02) 9517 1726 or send us an email on and we’ll be more than willing to offer further guidelines.   

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