Apple Inc.

Nothing demands more attention in consumer electronics, personal computers and electronic devices as much as the iconic Apple Inc. symbol. The first name you may think of is Steve Jobs. He worked alongside with its original founders Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Dating back to when the first Apple Inc. product was sold in 1976, this global multi-billion dollar company has gone through a lot of major changes and obstacles to overcome its competitors, profitability and branding over the many years in operation.


Apple Inc. has always been an innovative company that encourages creativity and thinking outside of the box. It has surpassed competitors due this very model. Its simplistic yet powerful design of consumer electronics has grown very popular among the public and established its household name as a reputable brand that screams luxury.

In 2014, the company began tapping into the home automation market with its software framework named HomeKit. The application allows the integration of smart devices to be connected to your existing Apple Inc. devices such as iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

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