In today’s digital world, both your home and office requires a new approach and mindset in developing and managing data. At Technology on Tap, we offer our clients comprehensive consulting services to help you plan, implement, and manage your data. To ensure that we offer cost-effective and optimal performance automation practices, we’ve partnered with Bitwise, a worldwide known brand that provides proven automation solutions in various fronts such as optimal code development, software integration, and accelerated migration services.

Bitwise is a worldwide company that offers technology solutions to help you leverage data and ensure that every part of your innovation runs perfectly. It uses breakthrough technology innovations to help its global clients maximise their products and businesses. As the industry’s most experienced data professionals, Bitwise promises to optimise the value of your automation products and solutions thereby reducing the time, complexity and cost of your data initiatives.

Some of the company’s well-known clients include Walgreens, Commonwealth Bank, Capital One, Apollo Group, Family Health Network and many more.

Here are some of the solutions that make Bitwise one of the best coding and data companies in the world.

Integration Software and Data Management

Through its centre of excellence known as Talend Data Integration, Bitwise offers some of the best cost-effective solutions such as optimal code development, best-fit products, and standard coding guidelines. This is to enable you to adopt the best software and coding practices, implement efficient solutions in your home automation, reduce manual interventions, integrate best automation practices and guarantee optimal performance at every level of automation.

Accelerated Migration Services

Migrating from your normal or analog home or office systems to a fully automated home or business is never easy. It’s quite challenging, especially if you’re not an expert in coding and software development. That’s why Technology on Tap has partnered with Bitwise to make sure that this migration is accelerated and done seamlessly.

Bitwise is at the forefront in offering some of the most technologically advanced solutions that accelerate the migration process. For instance, the company offers solutions that enable you to convert classic tools such as SSIS and DataStage to modern tools such as QualiDI to ensure that your automation fully revolves around quality data and accurate analysis and reporting.  

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is drastically becoming an integral part of home automation. That’s because cloud delivery models provide business owners as well as homeowners with opportunities to streamline hardware and software costs, which is essential in accelerating the pace of innovation. That’s not all; cloud computing is essential in advancing the security of your systems and offering analytical tools, which are core in driving home automation growth.

Bitwise offers some of the best cloud computing strategies in the world. Based on the industry’s best practices and proven methodologies, you’re guaranteed that Bitwise will offer the right cloud platform for both your home and business. Better still, the company offers a roadmap and real-world implementation to ensure that there are no issues with your data.

Data Governance

Home automation is 70% data-driven and homeowners are looking for the best ways to govern their data. Bitwise offers the best services on how to implement data governance in all areas of your home automation. Together with our team of experts, Bitwise will create the right tools, methodologies, and architectures that when implemented will ensure that you have the optimal data governance framework.

Why We Work with Bitwise

Home automation and technology revolution, in general, is all about unmasking and discovering uncharted avenues, tapping in the ever-expanding smart devices, and making your life a lot easier than it was.

At Technology on Tap, we believe that Bitwise offers a whole new paradigm that allows businesses and homeowners to integrate the best technology, codes, and software in their operations. Bitwise has immense experience in implementing diverse technologies to empower you to fulfil your home automation dreams fast while maintaining high-quality standards.

This is why you should choose to work with us. Our close working relationship with Bitwise will give you the possibility of experiencing technology and home automation like never before! Contact us today on (02) 9517 1726 and let’s get started on your Bitwise home automation.

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