As a homeowner, you most certainly want to enjoy your peace of mind knowing very well that you can control your air conditioning system from wherever you are. You probably want to control your air conditioner from anywhere and be able to monitor the temperature and humidity of your home or office remotely. At Technology on Tap, we make this dream a reality through our smart home automation and commercial automation solutions.  However, this wouldn’t be possible without using Daikin air conditioning products.

Offering a wide range of air conditioning products and systems, Daikin is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturer with operations all over the world. One of the main reasons why we love Daikin products is that they can be automated to give you more control of your air conditioning system and also the power to control your home’s or office’s energy efficiency.

Automation HVAC Systems


As one of the leading air conditioning manufacturers in the world, Daikin is fully aware of the importance and development of automation. As such, the company understands that you need an HVAC system that can work with a programmable thermostat. The main idea is to manufacture HVAC systems that can work with programmable thermostats to help you make your home or office more energy efficient and save you from huge energy costs.

This can only be possible if the HVAC system can help the programmable thermostat to efficiently adjust the cool air output in such a way that it can match the changes in the outside temperature. Daikin products are structured in such a way that you don’t have to turn your air conditioner on and off all the time. Instead, we can install a programmable thermostat to help you better manage how your air conditioner works and increase your energy efficiency. 

Total Home Automation Control

Australia generally experiences varying temperatures ranging from hot weather to winter. For this reason, you may want to have more control over your home and office temperatures. This may call for the need for total home automation. It’s the ability to control all utilities and electronic devices of your home using a single remote that you can always carry with you anywhere you go.

Daikin seems to fully understand this. The company is now manufacturing HVAC units that can be controlled or managed from mobile devices, iPad, computers, or stand-alone controllers. In essence, the cool thing about Daikin products is that they give you the ability to automate not just your home or office air conditioning system but also your heating systems.

Remote Control Smartphone

One of the main benefits of smart home automation is the ability to control various parts of your home remotely or from a distance using your Smartphone. This is now very possible with Daikin products. These products are designed to be compatible with home automation solutions. With your Smartphone, you can now easily and conveniently manage your home or office air conditioning systems even if you’re away on holiday! In most cases, you won’t have to leave your seat to switch off a Daikin air conditioner.

Automated Heating System

The fact that Daikin products can be automated gives you the ability to heat rooms in your home or office before use. Are you having a board meeting in the next hour? No problem, you can remain fixed in your office and program the boardroom to be warm just in time for the meeting.

Daikin products are now technologically advanced to allow and support automation. Whether you want to automatically turn on or off your home’s air conditioning system before you arrive, it’s very possible with Daikin products.

At Technology on Tap, we believe in using the most efficient, most reliable and energy-efficient air conditioning systems. That’s why we utilize Daikin products to automate your home’s or office’s air conditioning systems. With Daikin products, we can perfectly design your air conditioning systems to suit your needs and give you peace of mind.

Do you need an air conditioning system that’s energy-efficient? Contact us for more details.

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