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At no point have smart devices or home automation been smarter than now. Not long ago, setting up and managing various smart devices was a complicated endeavour given that a lot of smart devices were not compatible. But when Nest and Google Home products began working together, things have been simpler, brighter and much better.

Having been acquired by Google in 2014, Nest Labs has become a leader in the smart device industry. The company has been manufacturing some of the most popular smart products for home automation. At Technology on Tap, we highly recommend Nest smart products for their simplicity, elegant designs, self-learning features and artificial intelligence.

Compatible with Many Smart Devices

Many Nest products are designed to work together not just among themselves but also with other smart devices. These are products that can talk with other smart devices and respond to things that are happening within your home. For instance, if one Nest product detects a security breach or fire within your home, it will coordinate with other smart devices within your home to automatically help each other take the right course of action.

Again, there’s no need to upgrade your old Nest products to get them to work with your newer Nest products. While these products may be different in terms of features, they will still work seamlessly with one another. For example, a Nest camera can perfectly work together with a Nest thermostat to control what’s happening within your home.

In addition to being elegant, you’ll love Nest products for their efficiency. These are smart products designed with the utmost attention to detail and in a very modern way. They can also enhance not just the functionality of other smart devices but also the functionality of your entire home.

Most Nest products are quite affordable and pocket-friendly. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get your hands on smart products such as Nest Temperature Sensor and Nest Cam.

Nest Products to Consider

Nest may be well-known for its smart thermostats, but it has several other smart devices that will not just make your home better but will also improve the way you live. So if you’re looking to smarten your home, here are some Nest smart products to consider.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This is arguably the most popular Nest product. It is a thing of beauty thanks to its learning system, which can adapt to whatever lifestyle you want. This is a smart device that has the capability of knowing the season and the temperature.

Nest Learning Thermostat can help you save about 15% of heating and cooling bills. It’s also an incredibly well-built gadget with a rotating stainless steel ring that plays an integral role in controlling the temperature.

Some other Nest devices that can help you control the temperature include Nest Thermostat E and Nest Temperature Sensor.

Nest Protect

While smoke alarms play a crucial role in raising fire alarms, you can consider getting something smarter and less irritating like Nest Protect. In addition to alerting you when there’s any smoke in the house, it will meticulously notify you of where the smoke is coming from. Not only that but it also acts as a night light and will send smoke notifications to your smartphone.

Nest Cam

If you’re looking to enhance the security of your home or office, Nest Cam may be the right solution. Available in both outdoor and indoor versions, the Nest Cam will record everything and alert you when there’s any motion, movement or noise.

If the Nest Cam isn’t proper for you, then you can upgrade to Nest Cam IQ, which can do everything the Nest Cam does but with better specs and a smarter system.

Nest Hello

This is more than just a standard doorbell. When connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, it can put you in touch with whoever is at your door. It has a camera that can provide night vision and record in HD. This is perhaps going to be your most favourite smart doorbell.

The above-mentioned smart devices are just some of the few Nest smart products that you can consider for your home automation. At Technology on Tap, we hold Nest smart products in high regard and that’s why we recommend them to our clients and use them in offering home automation solutions.

Google Nest

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