Wireless multi-room audio is becoming a popular way to expand the reach of home entertainment. Heos is doing its fair share and is more and more becoming a great option, especially if you are looking to have the best home surround system in your neighbourhood. It’s time for advanced smart home and advanced smart office.

Heos offers a wireless multi-room sound system that is featured on selected wireless powered speakers, receivers, amps, and soundbars. Built by Denon, which is best known for manufacturing award-winning microphone systems and AV receivers, Heos is a wireless two-zone multi-room sound system that can be controlled through your smartphone and of course Alexa voice assistant.  

With Heos, you can play any song in any of your rooms at home or in the office. Heos can work with various smart entertainment systems in your home offer you a thrilling HD home cinema and sensational music streaming.

Why You Should Use Heos

As a home entertainment sound system, Heos will shock your normal thing and go beyond your imaginations. Well, that’s because it’s futuristic and made to bring you smart home entertainment like never before! So brace yourself and prepare for the future of home entertainment.

At Technology on Tap, we’ll ensure that we install Heos to make your smart home entertainment easier than before. For instance, you will be able to use your smartphone to stream music directly to compatible Heos devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, no matter where they are located throughout the house. Some of the features that you’ll love about Heos revolve around the smoothness, spaciousness, and insight sound as well as rhythmic precision and dynamic subtlety that Heos brings to your home entertainment.

Heos can be used to stream music from several platforms such as:

heos speaker devices
  • Sound cloud
  • Spotify
  • Tidal
  • Sirius
  • Napster
  • Mood mix
  • Tune in
  • Pandora
  • iHeart radio
  • Deezer
  • Amazon music

You can also use Heos to access or distribute music from locally stored content on media servers or PCs both at home or at the office.

Heos is also perfect since it supports several music file formats including:

  • Mp3
  • AAC
  • Apple lossless
  • DSD
  • Flac
  • Wav
  • WMA

Heos Stereo

Although Heos supports the capability to stream music to any single or assigned group of Heos wireless speakers, you can now configure it to use any two compatible speakers as a stereo pair. For the best sound quality match, both speakers in the pair should be the same brand and model.

Heos Link

Another improved way to access and use Heos devices is via the Heos Link.

This is a specially designed preamplifier that is compatible with Heos devices that connect to any existing stereo home theatre receiver or soundbar with digital audio inputs that do not have Heos capability built-in.

You can use the Heos app to stream music through Heos Link, through your smartphone or any digital audio devices connection in your home.

Some other features that Heos has adopted to enhance your home automation and satisfaction include a separate button on Heos wireless speakers to activate Bluetooth streaming. With Bluetooth built-in on all Heos devices, an extra Bluetooth dongle is not necessary.

Heos also bring to your home entertainment Hi-Res audio support and 5 GHz wireless transmission support.

Why We Believe in Heos

At Technology on Tap, we always want to offer our clients an unparalleled home automation experience. We believe that using Heos helps us achieve this in multiple ways. The simplicity of Heos system, its capability, punchy bass, clear midrange, spacious sound, refined tonal balance, and simple app are some of the unbelievable features that Heos brings to the table and why it remains one of the best sound systems for your home automation. Despite their different shapes and sizes, Heos products are well built and an excellent system that does everything.  

For more details on how to use Heos and enhance your experience, call us on (02) 9517 1726 and we’ll help you through your home automation journey.


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