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JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi is one of the many worldwide electronic retailer companies that understand that connecting your home is no longer a futuristic idea. One of the company’s competitive advantages is to stay at the front of consumer trends by offering the latest in home entertainment and smart electronic goods for your home automation needs.

At Technology on Tap, we are at the forefront of promoting modern home entertainment and the installation of smart electronic goods solutions. We fully understand that connectivity has evolved to more than just telephones and internet technology. For this reason, we source various smart devices from JB Hi-Fi, which offers smart products that can help you on various home and office automation fronts.

Some of the smart home automation products that are offered by JB Hi-Fi include:

Security Products

Thanks to the advancement in technology, security products are now very complex just like the networks they are attempting to secure. However, JB Hi-Fi security products are structured to make things both in your home and office more efficient.

Do you want to monitor the security at your home while on holiday in another continent? No problem, JB Hi-Fi products are structured to enable you to efficiently protect your home, your loved ones, and assets from the evolving threats and breach incidents.

These incidents have been occurring regularly and homeowners, as well as organisations, have to be more observant and proactive when it comes to IT security. With JB Hi-Fi products, your security will be assured through smart security automation.

Product solutions from JB Hi-Fi will not only protect you and your loved ones from threats but are also automated to detect breaches before promptly containing them. JB Hi-Fi smart products will help you tackle security challenges by simplifying the complex tasks of protecting your, home, loved ones, office and assets.

Automated Devices

JB Hi-Fi is the largest single technology and home entertainment supplier in Australia. As such, the company has partnered with various smart products manufacturers from around the world. Some of the smart devices that are now supplied includes:

Bose Smart Speakers

This is a smart speaker that lets you stream music and ask questions thanks to its built-in voice control. You’ll not only enjoy the convenience of playing whatever you want but you can also control everything through simple commands.

Nanoleaf Canvas LED Light

Nanoleaf Canvas are smart LED bulb lights designed to add a playful touch and ambient light to any room. It’s elegantly interactive and will react to your touch. You can control it on your smartphone, with your voice or even use it to create your own design and shapes.


Do you want to create a smart décor on your wall for any given party? There’s arguably no better way of doing that than through LIFX Tile. You can create incredible scenes, décor, and dynamic moods with this 5 Tile kit. The best part is that it offers more than 16 million colours to choose from, all of which you can simply control from your phone.

Sonos One

Available in various models, Sonos surround sound system is one of the simplest yet sophisticated surround sound systems you’ll ever come across. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions and let the software do the rest.

JB Hi-Fi Home Automation

In your endeavour to ensure that every part of your life and home is fully automated and connected, Technology on Tap makes it a priority to ensure that you get the best smart devices and solutions.

That’s why we’ve created a close working relationship with the electronic retailer giants to ensure that all our customers get the best smart devices and products.

For more details, contact us on (02) 9517 1726 or send us an email on info@techontap.com.au and we’ll make sure that your smart home automation devices are only sourced from the best.

JB Hi-Fi

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