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Have you ever thought about all the devices in your life ever having the ability to connect to the internet? We’re at a point in life where the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer science fiction but a real thing that transcends beyond our computers and smartphones. Whether you are looking to automate your home lighting, thermostat, doorbells, security camera, window blinds, cooking utensils, water heaters or any other home and office appliances, smart home automation has certainly become a reality.

As home automation continues to evolve, so does the need to produce different smart devices that are capable of working in an interconnected and centralised system. That’s exactly what Ness products are capable of. They ensure that all your devices can send you information and take commands from you, which is the most crucial feature of home automation and smart homes.

Having been in the home automation business since 2005, Technology on Tap is undoubtedly a leader in the home automation systems within Sydney and Australia in general. As such, it’s in our core belief to offer our customers smart home products from the best. And that’s why we have a strong faith in Ness products.

Features of Ness Smart Homes Products

All Ness products virtually have incredible features that make them the best and most reliable smart home products. Some of the features include:

They Give You More Control

When we use Ness products in various aspects of your smart home living, we do it because of the level of control that these Ness products provide. These products are designed to give you more control of every part of your home just on a push of a button or through your voice command.

A Reliable Centralised System

With Ness Products, you don’t need different apps for different functions. We’ll integrate a reliable centralised system where you can manage all Ness products from a centralised hub. We have a variety of hubs at our disposal and so we’ll help you find something that can work best for you both financially and in terms of controlling every aspect of your home effectively.

Simple App Interface

There’s no doubt that smart home automation is meant to make your life a lot easier and make every part of your life as cool as possible. Imagine being able to whip your smartphone out of your pocket and having a real-time view of your home’s security footage.

This is what we want when it comes to installing smart home systems using Ness products. With Ness products we can guarantee the installation of a simple app interface: something that’s easy to use and control and we believe that’s what you want for your smart home automation.

Easy to Use and Install

As far as installation is concerned, it’s not in our principles to use smart home products that are difficult to install and maintain. Instead, we choose to use reliable Ness products since they’re easy to install and maintain.

More importantly, we prefer products that afford our customers the ease of use. As you probably know, one crucial benefit of home automation is that you do not have to be physically present to manage various tasks within your home or at the office. You could, for instance, be on holiday on another continent and still control and interact with your smart devices. That being said, we will only go for products that are easy to use and control.

In essence, all your smart devices should enable you to be in two places at the same time (at least virtually) and that’s what Ness products afford you.

Some of the Best Smart Home Devices from Ness

Ness is known to manufacture more than just security products. With the company’s vast experience it manufactures products ranging from CCTV, home automation, intercom systems, motion detectors, alarm panels, wireless products, lighting control interfaces to access control and many more.

To this end, there’s no doubt that the best smart home devices are beneficial if you’re looking for a healthy work-life balance. The best smart home devices will not only help you save time and money by expediting home processes but will give you the chance to involve yourself in moments that matters most such as spending time with your family. That’s why as a company, we only believe in using smart home products that are reliable, affordable and of high-quality.

At Technology on Tap, we strongly believe in using the best products in the market. You can contact us on (02) 9517 1726 or send us an email on info@techontap.com.au and we’ll ensure that reliable smart home automation becomes a core part of both your home and work life.


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