The modern home automation industry has gone a long way since its inception just a few decades ago. The modern households of today are enjoying the almost infinite number of benefits the internet of things brings. Yamaha, one of the world’s leaders in audio technology has entered the home automation space to harness the power of the internet of things through wireless technology in all corners of your household.

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Appliances and devices are now designed around “Smart Technology”, which seamlessly connects each and every one of them to create an infinite number of possible combinations to fit the atmosphere you want in your home. Yamaha, along with the best features one can experience from sophisticated audio systems offers a unique experience to its users. The beautiful sounds of music can now be fully integrated into your home automation system and match the mood you want for the occasion.

Every corner of your house can be programmed to play its distinct kind of music. You can also combine your choice of music depending on the lighting of your room. You can curate the music according to your moods and preferences. The possibilities are endless.

This may be a daunting task to some but this is where Technology on Tap shines. We are an accredited distributor of state-of-the-art Yamaha products. We can help you in facing the challenges that lie ahead and guide you in choosing the right product to match your taste and preferences.

Why Choose Yamaha Products for Your Home Automation

Yamaha Corporation is an established leader in audio technology. The company never seizes to achieve its goals and to be always ahead of the pack in terms of technological advancements – among them home automation. Their brand which was established in Japan during the late 1880s has grown immensely and has maintained its production of high-quality products.

They have expanded to all corners of the globe, including homes and commercial establishments in Sydney. People who want to live in luxury or just plainly looking for good products to integrate into their home automation system always include Yamaha in their list.

Here are some outstanding features of our Yamaha Audio and Visual Products:

  • Seamless Connectivity with Home Automation Operating Systems

Our Yamaha products will make your life as simple as possible through their readiness to integrate with the latest home automation OS such as Control4, RTI, Josh.ai, and Elan. The MusicCast feature of Yamaha products enables seamless connectivity to all of your other devices in your entire household’s entertainment system.

Their receivers are so accurate and sophisticated that you can conveniently enjoy your favourite songs and movies using the latest technology.

  • Highly Intuitive Features

The features of the over 40 Yamaha products available at our store are so flexible making them one of the most recommended product lines to integrate with your home automation system. Yamaha, like all the latest home automation brands, has Alexa too. Playing your music wherever you are through voice control has never been so easy.

You can do almost everything just by the use of your voice or just by tapping a few buttons on your smartphone. It’s as simple as that.

  • High-quality Home Theatre for Your Home

Yamaha boasts that their products are all designed to produce studio-grade sounds with additional sophisticated video enhancements. Our latest Yamaha products also feature full 4K Ultra HD HDMI support, full switching, streaming, and more. If you’re looking for maximum out of your Smart AV Component, this is the perfect product for you.

  • Availability and Affordability

A wide range of Yamaha products is available here at Technology on Tap. Our well-trained specialists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to transform your home into a personalised music and entertainment hub. The features of Yamaha products can be harnessed to their full potential.

You’ll be surprised how affordable our Yamaha products are relative to the value they bring. At Technology on Tap, we can also provide installation and integration services that can help in keeping your costs at the minimum.

Do you have any questions about Yamaha products and home automation as a whole? Shoot us a message and our representatives will be happy to answer your queries.

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