What is Commercial Automation?

Commercial automation describes various technologies that control different aspects of a building. The concept combines components like lighting, video surveillance, entry systems, temperature, and video into a single system that is easier to manage instead of controlling every aspect individually. The goal of commercial automation is to make a building energy-efficient, secure, and productive. 

At Technology on Tap, commercial automation is in line with our mission to make the latest IT systems accessible to big and small businesses. We will create an action plan to help you take advantage of the concept in ways like: 

Lighting Control

Are the lights in some spaces often left on even when they are not being used? Would you like to harness technology to balance natural and electric light? We understand that lighting contributes towards creating the right ambience for different tasks. The lights in a waiting room, for example, should be warm and inviting while those in workspaces should be bright enough for personnel to work efficiently. 

Offices continually seek energy efficiency, considering that 17% of the overall energy used by offices is attributed to lighting. Reducing light usage will substantially decrease the total energy consumption of your office building. Some solutions include having the lights automatically turn off once people leave a room. Daylight sensors can also determine the amount of natural light and reduce the output of luminaires. 

Climate Control

Commercial buildings depend on cooling and heating systems to ensure employees are comfortable. Climate control systems manage elements like air handlers, heat pumps, boilers, rooftop units, and chillers. 

These systems will help your building adjust for different seasons by controlling elements like temperature. The system will be customised for your office by collecting data on all the metering devices. In addition to installing a manageable system, we will also help cut energy costs. 

Access Control and Surveillance

It has become imperative for businesses to control who gets in their premises in addition to enforcing authorization requirements for sensitive tasks. By installing technologies like biometric fingerprints, smart door locks, and gate control, you can only give access to authorised users. You will also get entry and exit summaries about personnel and visitors. 

Modern systems also dispatch trigger alerts for suspicious activity. Intrusion alarms can, for example, lock some interior doors to protect valuable assets and halt the intruder’s progress.  

HD surveillance cameras come in various types, depending on the needs of your business. You can choose between long-range, covert, CCTV, and others. We will set these cameras strategically around your premises so that you can observe and record real-time events. A simple tap on your mobile phone will reveal video streams of all areas of the office, and you can even monitor your assets. 

Audio and Video Systems

Commercial automation systems can make meetings more productive and delightful. Gone are the moments of fumbling for the right cables to project a presentation.

Is your conference room optimized for business? Does it have the kind of equipment necessary for smooth and seamless video conferencing sessions? We will fortify your conference room with intuitive controls that are compatible with tablets, computers, and phones to ensure your employees are always ready to display their presentations.

An effective commercial automation system should also encompass media control for easy access to video content. Your staff can save time and avoid looking tirelessly for video files and for compatible equipment. With just their phones, they can queue background music and stream videos. 

Integrated Room and Building Control

There are benefits to be accrued from integrating all the aspects of one room in your building. When working in a conference room, for example, a simple touch of a button can control the lights, audio, video, and communications. Instead of manually turning off the lights, you can dim them with your phone or laptop, lower the blackout shades, and activate audio and video. 

Commercial automation involves a lot of subsystems that need to work together. Systems like lighting, climate, security, and video/audio will work best in harmony with each other. You can thus control all the aspects of your business from a keypad or phone and optimise your office for work. 

Making the Office Environment Better with Commercial Automation

At Technology on Tap, we are invested in the technologies that make it easier for businesses to run their day-to-day processes. With commercial automation concepts, you will be able to control various elements of your building from your phone while making the workplace more comfortable. 

From improved security to operational efficiency, your office will only count the benefits of responsive systems. Perhaps the primary advantage is the increased energy efficiency and the subsequent saved costs. 

According to Energystar.gov, businesses waste about 30% on yearly energy averages, an amount that can be drastically reduced with the right systems. 

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