Latest Comelit Products for Your Home

Every single day, new technologies become constantly more accessible to humanity. Makers and builders produce innovative devices and ground-breaking equipment just to make everyday life simple. The rising trend of making lifestyles as uncomplicated as possible is the dream for most people. This is why newer products are made available to you and your homes. The goal of innovation and automation is to make sure that your every day is as stress-free as possible.

As one of the most well-known names when it comes to technology and automation, Technology On Tap partners with Comelit in making your homes protected and convenient. We specialise in home automation and protection systems integrated into your locations. These are some of the latest products they have for you:

The SMART Series

With the current situation today regarding possible violence and rising disorder all around, protection and security can never be fully guaranteed by yourself. Your homes need an all-around system that can keep you and your families safe even in your deepest sleep.

CCTV Cameras and Video Surveillance Recorders

Unparalleled security and precise protection are the main reasons Comelit birthed its SMART Series. Equipping cameras and video recorders with the latest, state of the art technology, home breaches and transgressions have never been easier to track down and prevent. Some of the new features of the SMART series cameras and video recorders include these:

  • Full HD up to 4K Resolutions for more detailed video surveillance of the area
  • 120 dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function for balancing light sources in image captures
  • Smart IR function to lessen saturation points of images
  • CMOS SONY STARVIS sensor to provide exceptional details
  • 24/7 functionality in all lighting conditions
  • Cloud Storage backup in case of video recorder damages

The best part about the SMART Series is how easy it is to access and control through your very own mobile phones. You don’t have to worry about rushing to your computer screens to view your homes, you can do that all with the tip of your finger. 

ICONA Manager

The ICONA Manager is your door entry monitor home manager. It makes functions across your homes as easily accessible in one portable screen that houses controls for your home functions. You can now command and govern your homes in any of the following aspects:

  • Door and gate automation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Consumption Management
  • Scenarios
  • Audio Distribution
  • RGB Lights
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Management
  • Load Management 
  • Irrigation
  • Video Entry Technology
  • Anti-intrusion

Accessing the activities in your homes has never been easier with ICONA. In one big screen, you get to manage many of your housework and responsibilities.

Mini Wifi

Opening the doors of your new home has never been easier with the Mini Wifi. All you need to do is set up the device in your homes, connect it via your smartphones, and activate the facial recognition feature. Opening your doors is as simple as looking at your mobile screens right at the tip of your fingers.


Making your homes smart via automation and technology makes your every day life more simple and more stress-free. Here at Technology On Tap, we can make your homes as intelligent as you at the convenience of the most portable things you already have i.e. your smartphones. Make the move of keeping your lives as comfortable and on guard as possible. 

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Relevant Home Automation Updates for 2020

Unifying your entire home in one big accessible control is the trend nowadays. Newer methods and the latest high tech gadgets are always innovated every day to make life simple and more integrated. From making all controls and connections wireless, up to adjusting your home temperature levels with a button, home automation has never been as easy as before. Right now, everything can be in your hands at the touch of your hands. 

Big names in the industry, probably the ones that you and everybody else are aware of has been constantly making big innovations. These names in the industry are always on the constant hunt to work with your favourite brands. Among some that you may have heard making big waves in the world are Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

These brands are truly focusing on making life at your places more connected. These companies are coming up with new devices and functions that encompass the entirety of your homes. 

These are some of the latest updates from the big players this 2020:

Google Home

Google’s Home with the aid of Google Assistant can do so many functions. From the original 4 smart home brands that it used to work with, this voice-controlled device really expanded the range of devices it works with. Now, smart gadgets like Smarter Coffee 2 or Emberlight smart lights, or your Nest thermostat, can be controlled by Google’s home automation device. As of now, it can control devices of up to 1,000 smart home brands or about 10,000 smart home devices. 

Apple Homekit

Apple’s Homekit is also a smart automation application available in your iPhones with voice commands spoken to Siri. It can control smart equipment of brands like GE Window Airconditioners, Robin ProLine doorbell, August Smartlock Pro, among others. Although Apple’s Homekit can manage many brands, its simplicity really rests on the fact that you can use your phone to control these devices. This literally puts your homes at the palm of your hand. 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa, on the other hand, is seen to get smarter with time. Partnering up with 100,000 devices spanning over 9,500 brands, Amazon’s Alexa definitely tops of so many smart automation brands. This voice-controlled device can easily integrate your entire home with one command as it encompasses so many brands and home accessories. 

Among many signed partnership brands it garnered this 2020, Kohler, Oral-B, and ASUS are included. Moreover, Amazon Alexa works with some of your vehicle brands like BMW, Ford and Toyota. Alexa’s wide range of devices puts it ahead and in rave among consumers. Engagements with Alexa nearly doubles every single year.


Technology on Tap has always been on the lookout to make sure your homes possess the opportunity to be as smart and as integrated for the comfort of you and your family. We make it our job to keep things simple and easy for you with the help of many automation devices. Who says you need to be worried at keeping your doors and all your house securely locked. 

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Custom Automation: 5 Devices You Need to Have

With how technology is evolving, you may have come across devices working on their own. Cars like the Tesla can drive themselves, and fireplace inserts can warm a room by themselves.  Nowadays, you can add a little flavour to the field of automation to get certain results. Basically, you can now tailor automation processes to suit your needs. That is what we call custom automation. 

To help you navigate through this, we have compiled a list of devices that you need in such instances. Here are five devices you should enjoy custom automation features.

  1. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is one of the top locks in the market. This spectacular piece of technology comes with numerous features. One of these distinguishing features is the Wi-Fi capability. With this, you can monitor and control this particular lock from anywhere. The August Smart Lock also works with Alexa and Voice Commands. With this, you can just say the word, and the door lock will implement your instructions.

Custom Automation: Here you can configure it so that it locks/unlocks itself. Of course, a certain condition needs to be met before anything happens. An excellent example is setting the time period that it should be left open. Once this specific time has expired, the door locks itself.

2. Philips Hue Smart Lighting

Philips Hue is one device that you should have in your bid for custom automation. But before we get to custom automation, let us talk about one incredible feature. The Philip Hue smart light supports Bluetooth. This comes with various benefits. One of them is the fact that you can control it wirelessly using your smartphone. It also makes the device easy to install.

Custom Automation: Here, you can set the bulb to switch on or off automatically in certain situations. A good example is setting it to switch on when you get home and off when you leave.

3. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler

Technology experts have made their way into the water sprinkler market. By this, they have devised smart sprinkling devices. An excellent example is the Rachio 3 Smart sprinkler. This easy to install device comes with amazing capabilities. From Goodge Assistant to Nest and Samsung Smart Things, with Rachio 3, you can do so much more.

Custom Automation: Here, custom automation comes into play when creating schedules. You can customise the number of times the sprinkler should supply water to your garden. That is not all; the customisation can also take place in regard to certain weather changes. It all depends on what you want.

4. Sonos One Speaker

Sonos One is one of the best speakers in the market. One thing that makes it a top choice is the fact that it comes with a brilliant sound. Furthermore, Sonos One can also be controlled using one’s voice and smartphone. 

Custom Automation: Here, custom automation is linked to so many things. One phenomenon is the music that plays according to different settings. An example is customising the speaker to play salsa immediately you walk in. 

5. iRobot Roomba i7+

Cleaning has never been easier now with the introduction of the iRobot Roomba i7+ into the market. This smart cleaner comes with an imprint smart mapping feature. With this, the device is able to memorize the layout of the house. This makes clean an easy and quick process after the device finishes memorising. Of course, we cannot forget the dual multi-surface rubber brushes.  These brushes can clean anything without getting tangled up, including pet hair.

Custom Automation: Here, custom automation involves selecting the cleaning schedules. If you would want it to clean twice a day at certain times that is exactly what you will do.


Custom automation is something many people across the globe want nowadays. This is because it makes everything much easier and fun. To enjoy such perks, you should purchase devices with such functionalities. 

How you choose to customise them after purchase is all on you. Of course, all of this can get a bit confusing. That is why at Technology on Tap, we are here to help. 

If you would like any kind of assistance on technology-related issues, call us on (02) 9517 1726.

Top 5 Benefits of Home Automation

Technological advancements have made human lives easier which helps them to lead their fast-paced lives with utmost efficiency. As technology is being used in the offices and communication, it has also become common use even in homes, for instance, door locks control, temperature and lighting control, drawing window curtains, controlling appliances and many others

House automation was considered a luxury in the past, with only a few people affording to automate their houses. However, as smartphones and tablets become gradually more common and affordable, home automation is also becoming popular, easier to use and more affordable. Home automation is constructing computerization for a house called a smart home. 

Below are the top five benefits why you should install house automation in your home.

  1. Enhances security

Every human being has a fear that someone will try to break into their houses and steal goods and investments that they have worked hard to earn. However, automated door locks allow you to lock your doors at the click of a button and enjoy the day without worrying if you locked the door or not. 

In case you forget to lock the house, house automation technology allows you to lock your doors even when you are miles away from the house. In addition, you are able to monitor when someone tries to open the doors without your consent. This helps you to monitor who is entering your house when you are not around. 

2. Adds safety

There are a number of times houses have caught fire in the absence of the owner. To avoid such tragedies, install house automation to add a sense of safety in your house. This technology allows you to control all your electrical appliances with a click of a button even when you are miles away. 

For instance, you can check if the oven in your house is off, or if your kids switched off the iron box at the comfort of your office. Apart from monitoring your electrical appliances, you are also able to control the lighting in your house as well. 

Not only does controlling your lighting saves you money, but it also enables you to switch on the lights even when you are not in the house. This may make it look like you are home, keeping strangers or thieves away.

3. Saves you money

One of the main advantages of installing house automation in your home is the amount of money it will save you. You will no longer have to pay high electricity bills for lights left on, or other electrical appliances left running in the house through the day. 

You will also save on money spent on gas as you drive back to the house to make sure everything has been switched off or to lock the door. House automation allows you to have control of most of your systems in the house to make sure costs are low.

4. Increases convenience

Imagine having the ability to control and monitor what happens in your house at the click of a button? With your smartphone in hand, you can control and monitor door locks, electrical appliances, thermostat, window curtains and many others at the comfort of your office seat or wherever you are. 

One of the major conveniences that come with house automation is the ability to control your house temperature. You can always be sure you will not walk into a very hot or very cold house after a long day of work.

5. Saves you time

We are living in a very fast-paced world. There are many things on our to-do lists daily and tight deadlines from work our places. House automation on the other hand will save you the many times you drive back home to ensure the house is locked or to switch off appliances. 

While still at work, you can open the doors for your children when they get back home from school. House automation will help you focus on achieving your goals without worrying about the safety of your home. 

As you advance on using technology in other areas of your life, do not forget to include house automation as well. This will help you to monitor and control your house even when you are away at work. 

To have your house automated, contact us Technology on Tap at 02 9517 1726 today for consultation.

The Best Smart Home Devices for 2020

Ever since man discovered technology, there is growth taking place every year. This happens mostly with smart home devices. Manufacturers come up with new things or sharpen the old ones; either way, technology evolves, so do the devices. 2020 is no different. Numerous new smart will be popping out in the market. Here’s a sneak peek of the most anticipated devices coming in 2020. We are also going to highlight what makes them top picks in the market. 

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

When talking about smart homes, people cannot skip past smart lighting. There are a lot of reasons why this tends to click in people’s heads first. One of the reasons is because of the unique functions that come with smart lighting devices. A good example is the ability to adjust the tone, brightness, and colour using your voice.

When speaking of devices that can allow you to do such, Philips Hue Smart lighting is your best bet. This phenomenal piece of technology from Philips Hue has made a name for itself in the industry. Apart from adjustments, it also gives you access to various pre-set scenes. Furthermore, with the Philips Hue, you get access to support for Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine

For coffee lovers, here is a device that is going to change your life. The device we are talking about is the Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine. Here is why. One, it delivers quality cups of coffee at the touch of a button. In essence, the machine can be connected to a smart device and instructed to make coffee. That is not all; the Nespresso Expert Coffee machine also lets you know how many pods you have left. It also tells you when you need to clean it.

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

Sometimes you will work late and get home in the middle of the night. Since your keys are in your bag, you are left fumbling for keys in the dark. Sometimes you have to put keys under doormats for your family members. All of these issues can be frustrating and risky. That is why we have the August Smart Lock 3rd Generation. 

With August Smart Lock, you do not have to carry your keys everywhere. You also do not have to look for them in the dark. This is because you only need a password to open it. You can also grant access to family members, so you do not have to put keys under mats. Most importantly, the device safeguards you and your property. 

Nest Learning Thermostat

This energy star certified thermostat is a top pick when it comes to smart thermostats. Nest Learning Thermostat is a device you should definitely have in your home. Apart from regulating temperature, this particular thermostat comes with advanced features.

One, you can connect the Nest Thermostat to your smartphone. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments from wherever you are. Another important feature is the presence of sensors. The device also comes with sensors to detect whether or not you are in the house. This plays a huge role in saving electricity. This is because the device will not regulate temperature when there is no need to do so.

Ring Video Door Bell 2

You may have come across various regular doorbells, but this 2020 masterpiece is not one of them. The Ring Video Door Bell 2 is more than just a simple doorbell. For one, it comes with a 1080 high definition video camera. This allows you to see who is at the door, whether it is during the day or at night. Another important feature is the ability to be connected to smart devices. This then allows you to get alerts on your phone in case someone rings the bell.


2020 has seen the massive use of technology in residential spaces. This is characterized by numerous people installing smart home devices. Since there are many smart gadgets, the main challenge is choosing the best. If you are going for a smart bell, it would be best if you chose the ring video doorbell 2. 

The Nest thermostat is a top thermostat that you should consider installing. When it comes to smart locks, the august smart lock 3rd generation should be your top pick. Nespresso Expert Coffee machine and Philips Hue are also impeccable pieces of technology. As you install such devices, you would probably need to get rid of the old ones.