Relevant Home Automation Updates for 2020

Home Automation

Unifying your entire home in one big accessible control is the trend nowadays. Newer methods and the latest high tech gadgets are always innovated every day to make life simple and more integrated. From making all controls and connections wireless, up to adjusting your home temperature levels with a button, home automation has never been as easy as before. Right now, everything can be in your hands at the touch of your hands. 

Big names in the industry, probably the ones that you and everybody else are aware of has been constantly making big innovations. These names in the industry are always on the constant hunt to work with your favourite brands. Among some that you may have heard making big waves in the world are Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

These brands are truly focusing on making life at your places more connected. These companies are coming up with new devices and functions that encompass the entirety of your homes. 

These are some of the latest updates from the big players this 2020:

Google Home

Google’s Home with the aid of Google Assistant can do so many functions. From the original 4 smart home brands that it used to work with, this voice-controlled device really expanded the range of devices it works with. Now, smart gadgets like Smarter Coffee 2 or Emberlight smart lights, or your Nest thermostat, can be controlled by Google’s home automation device. As of now, it can control devices of up to 1,000 smart home brands or about 10,000 smart home devices. 

Apple Homekit

Apple’s Homekit is also a smart automation application available in your iPhones with voice commands spoken to Siri. It can control smart equipment of brands like GE Window Airconditioners, Robin ProLine doorbell, August Smartlock Pro, among others. Although Apple’s Homekit can manage many brands, its simplicity really rests on the fact that you can use your phone to control these devices. This literally puts your homes at the palm of your hand. 

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa, on the other hand, is seen to get smarter with time. Partnering up with 100,000 devices spanning over 9,500 brands, Amazon’s Alexa definitely tops of so many smart automation brands. This voice-controlled device can easily integrate your entire home with one command as it encompasses so many brands and home accessories. 

Among many signed partnership brands it garnered this 2020, Kohler, Oral-B, and ASUS are included. Moreover, Amazon Alexa works with some of your vehicle brands like BMW, Ford and Toyota. Alexa’s wide range of devices puts it ahead and in rave among consumers. Engagements with Alexa nearly doubles every single year.


Technology on Tap has always been on the lookout to make sure your homes possess the opportunity to be as smart and as integrated for the comfort of you and your family. We make it our job to keep things simple and easy for you with the help of many automation devices. Who says you need to be worried at keeping your doors and all your house securely locked. 

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