Skills Necessary in IT Management

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As the world changes and advances into the modern era, the realm of enterprise will innovate and adapt to that change as well. As the markets are adapting and changing into the age of information technology, the heads of enterprises become more meticulous and careful. This means that in employing a potentially suitable individual, technically, one must be capable of handling the business on their behalf. 

Usually, when you work in the tech industry, people will assume that you lack social skills. This means that if you lack social skills, you lose an integral part of functioning in society effectively. And this will turn into a stumbling block if you aspire to progress into a management role. So, you will need to finely tune your skill set and keep these necessary IT management skills in mind. 

Technical and Soft IT Management Skills

Apart from your strong technical skills, soft skills known as interpersonal skills are essential when you work as a manager in the information technology sector. As an IT professional, you need to be able to interact successfully with others because this will help you manage projects and team in your network with ease.

  • Critical thinking. Logic and reasoning help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your scope of management.
  • Active listener. A leader should give full attention to what other people are saying and take time in understanding the points being made while asking appropriate questions all at once.
  • Judgment and Decision Making. As a manager handling a group of people with different characteristics; you have to examine the relative costs and benefits, potential actions and outcome in choosing the most appropriate measure carefully.
  • Writing. Writing is an effective way of communication, aside from speaking to your colleague. This suggests that through writing, you will be able to address the needs and convey your message as clear as possible.
  • Complex Problem-Solving. One of the most vital skills in management is that your capacity of identifying complex problems and your capability to resolve them. Moreover, the ability to develop, evaluate and implement solutions.
  • System Analysis. As the head of a team, you must be capable of determining how the system should work, operate and how the outcome will affect the environment.
  • Systems Evaluation. A team leader must have an encompassing ability in identifying indicators of system performance, measures and how to improve or correct the performance related to the goals of the system.
  • Troubleshooting. You must be capable of determining what causes the errors and how to evaluate and resolve them. 
  • Technology design. You must be able to generate or adapt technology and equipment to accommodate the users’ needs. 

Computer-Based & Technical Knowledge For IT Management 

  • Computer and Electronics. As a manager, you must be capable of handling applications and programmings, electronic equipment, circuit boards, computer hardware and software.
  • Engineering and Technology. As a technical team manager, you must be knowledgeable on the application of engineering technology including the application of principles, techniques, procedures and equipment.
  • Telecommunication. Team managers must be knowledgeable on transmission, broadcasting, control and operation of telecommunication systems.
  • Design. A team manager must be capable and responsible for the following technical skills, e.g. design techniques, principles and tools which are involved in producing precise technical plans, blueprints and models.
  • Clerical and Administrative. As a manager, you’re responsible for performing clerical and administrative duties; including word processing, managing files and records, transcription and other office terms and procedures are expected from IT managers.


An effective leader handling a competent technical team must be capable of mastering all forms of communication including written, verbal and listening skills. You’re a team manager, the line between the frontline staff, senior management and most importantly the company’s client. This means that you will not only handle the technical side of the business but as well as dealing with different people.

And when it comes to information technology management, you must be proactive that knows how to prioritise and stick to the timelines to avoid unnecessary mistakes. In this industry, several moving parts require extensive preparation. This means that apart from your technical management skills, you are prepared psychologically. 

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