Smart Home Automation – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What warranty period do I have for my Smart Home?

Smart homes are made up of a range of technologies from different manufacturers. Each manufacturer will warrant their product for a different amount of time.

Technology on Tap will warrant all their work for 12 months from the date of the product being installed. Within this period all defects, hardware and software failures will be covered under our warranty period. More detail on our warranty can be found at

A common list of brands and their warranties are listed below:

  •  Clipsal C-Bus branded parts – 2 years
  •  Multi-room audio products – 1 year
  •  Networking equipment – 1 year
  •  Wall tablets and brackets – 1 year

Some manufacturers will offer extended warranties which will be available at the time of purchase. If you would like more information on this, please contact your Technology on Tap representative.

All warranties provided are from the date of installation on the project site. Invoice date and project handover dates may differ from installation date.


Does my Smart Home require scheduled maintenance?

Technology on Tap is dedicated to provide a quality solution with little to no disruption. Due to this commitment, there is no maintenance schedule required for your home.

Since Smart Home technologies are evolving very quickly and the integration of multiple technologies from different manufacturers are how all smart homes work, there are occasions where a change is made outside of our control that may affect a working connection. Some examples of these changes include:

  • Changing of internet provider or router
  • Change of Wi-Fi name or password
  • Automatic update of firmware from a manufacturer
  • Internet provider changing their offerings
  • Replacement of a blind motor/controller
  • Replacement of certain types of light fittings

In the event that we are required to maintain your Smart Home as part of one of these factors, feel free to give us a call to arrange one of our technicians to visit your home or repair the system remotely. These service calls will generally attract a service fee. For a schedule of these fees, please visit


How secure is my Smart Home from hackers?

With everything we do online these days we all need to be very security conscious. The smallest security hole can be exploited for hackers to interrupt your life and steal your valuable personal information or cause havoc on your life.

Technology on Tap will take every effort possible to ensure that your home is secure from any type of threat. This will mean security policies will be set to their most secure levels while still having the functionality that you have been promised.

With this in mind, we cannot guarantee that hackers will not be able to access your home due to an exploit from a product that is part of our offerings.


What do I do if I have a problem with my Smart Home that is impacting living in the home?

In the event that a failure of any sort is affecting you living in the home, we will do everything available to resolve the problem for you. This may include providing a workaround as a temporary solution to ensure you are safely living in your home while a permanent solution is being addressed.

Simply call our office on (02) 9517 1726 and we will work with you to address the problem to identify the best course of action for a fast resolution.


Why do my lights flicker on occasion?

LEDs around your home flickering can be a result of a couple of different problems. There are a few things we can do to identify the problem.

  • Does the problem occur at approximately the same time each night?
    If so, the problem is likely caused by “Ripple Signals”. This is caused by an electrical signal that is sent from the energy grid each day into your home. There are filters that can be purchased and installed to mitigate the problem but is generally not a fault of the lights or equipment installed in your home.


  • Do you experience the problem only when dimming your lights down quite low?
    This is an indication that the LED lights in your home are going below their minimum dimming level or the LEDs that are being used do not support a dimming function.


  • Are the lights flickering when turned off?
    This is an indication that the lights are not 100% compatible with the Smart Home System installed. A small capacitor can be installed on each light group to correct this problem. Please consult Technology on Tap for more information.


  • Has the problem started to occurred since the a change from older (halogen) style globes to LED lights?
    It is possible that the LED lights selected are not compatible with the Smart Home solution that has been supplied. Please consult Technology on Tap for more information.

Can I make changes to the Smart Home System myself after the job is complete?

Yes, there are a number of modifications that can be made to the automation system through the phone and tablet apps without the need of a technician. These changes include changing time schedules and scene (pre-sets) light levels.

If more involved changes need to be made to your system, we do recommend allowing a trained technician to make these changes. If you allow Technology on Tap to have remote access to your Smart Home system, we will possibly be able to make these changes without the need of coming to your home.

Since these modifications will involve service charges, we do recommend that you provide us with a list of changes that you would like made. This will speed up the process of making the changes and reduce the cost of the service fee. A list of fees can be found at


Can I use a standard internet connection to access my Smart Home remotely?

Yes, most standard internet connections will support access to your Smart Home wherever you are. There are some additional features that you may need to request from your internet provider either at the time of ordering the connection or after it is connected. Depending on your service provider you will need one of the following:

  • Static IP Address – This will ensure that your internet connection on the internet always remains at the same address and does not regularly change.
  • Disable CG-NAT – This will disable a feature that will allow selected data to transfer from the internet into your home. Additional (Dynamic DNS) services may be required to provide you access to your Smart Home with this option.

We have worked with several Internet Providers for internet and found the best service and experience through Aussie Broadband. Feel free to ask us for a Referral code to receive a one-time credit on your bill.

Support for 4G or 5G internet connections on your home are not supported. These mobile connections have additional security policies in place that do not allow the transmission from the internet to access your home.