The Best Smart Home Devices for 2020

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Ever since man discovered technology, there is growth taking place every year. This happens mostly with smart home devices. Manufacturers come up with new things or sharpen the old ones; either way, technology evolves, so do the devices. 2020 is no different. Numerous new smart will be popping out in the market. Here’s a sneak peek of the most anticipated devices coming in 2020. We are also going to highlight what makes them top picks in the market. 

Philips Hue Smart Lighting

When talking about smart homes, people cannot skip past smart lighting. There are a lot of reasons why this tends to click in people’s heads first. One of the reasons is because of the unique functions that come with smart lighting devices. A good example is the ability to adjust the tone, brightness, and colour using your voice.

When speaking of devices that can allow you to do such, Philips Hue Smart lighting is your best bet. This phenomenal piece of technology from Philips Hue has made a name for itself in the industry. Apart from adjustments, it also gives you access to various pre-set scenes. Furthermore, with the Philips Hue, you get access to support for Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine

For coffee lovers, here is a device that is going to change your life. The device we are talking about is the Nespresso Expert Coffee Machine. Here is why. One, it delivers quality cups of coffee at the touch of a button. In essence, the machine can be connected to a smart device and instructed to make coffee. That is not all; the Nespresso Expert Coffee machine also lets you know how many pods you have left. It also tells you when you need to clean it.

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

Sometimes you will work late and get home in the middle of the night. Since your keys are in your bag, you are left fumbling for keys in the dark. Sometimes you have to put keys under doormats for your family members. All of these issues can be frustrating and risky. That is why we have the August Smart Lock 3rd Generation. 

With August Smart Lock, you do not have to carry your keys everywhere. You also do not have to look for them in the dark. This is because you only need a password to open it. You can also grant access to family members, so you do not have to put keys under mats. Most importantly, the device safeguards you and your property. 

Nest Learning Thermostat

This energy star certified thermostat is a top pick when it comes to smart thermostats. Nest Learning Thermostat is a device you should definitely have in your home. Apart from regulating temperature, this particular thermostat comes with advanced features.

One, you can connect the Nest Thermostat to your smartphone. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments from wherever you are. Another important feature is the presence of sensors. The device also comes with sensors to detect whether or not you are in the house. This plays a huge role in saving electricity. This is because the device will not regulate temperature when there is no need to do so.

Ring Video Door Bell 2

You may have come across various regular doorbells, but this 2020 masterpiece is not one of them. The Ring Video Door Bell 2 is more than just a simple doorbell. For one, it comes with a 1080 high definition video camera. This allows you to see who is at the door, whether it is during the day or at night. Another important feature is the ability to be connected to smart devices. This then allows you to get alerts on your phone in case someone rings the bell.


2020 has seen the massive use of technology in residential spaces. This is characterized by numerous people installing smart home devices. Since there are many smart gadgets, the main challenge is choosing the best. If you are going for a smart bell, it would be best if you chose the ring video doorbell 2. 

The Nest thermostat is a top thermostat that you should consider installing. When it comes to smart locks, the august smart lock 3rd generation should be your top pick. Nespresso Expert Coffee machine and Philips Hue are also impeccable pieces of technology. As you install such devices, you would probably need to get rid of the old ones. 

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