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What is C-Bus Home Automation

C-Bus Home Automation is the best example of having power at your fingertips. We now live in the golden age of technology where comfort and convenience are simply a press of a button away. With home automation, you’re allowed to control and operate any electronic devices anywhere in the world. Whether through your mobile device or any portable devices you have at hand.

Home automation provides an opportunity for you to tap the luxury of technology that seems to be impossible back in the day. And as technology progresses and continues to expand, so will the endless possibilities of making life easier, comfortable and enjoyable for home automation consumers.

How C-Bus Home Automation Works?

C-Bus Home Automation or simply known as C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for homes and buildings. This is used to control electrical services such as airconditioning, alarms, lightings, motorised blinds, etc. 

Virtually, C-Bus is easy to control and operate in any type of electrical load with an on and off button. It allows you to independently and remotely control any of your smart devices and appliances through an integrated system. This means that your device can be programmed to work individually or as a unit connected into a shared network. You can tap c-bus home automation to the following appliances, but not limited to:

  • Television, audio and other entertainment systems
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave oven
  • Lightings
  • Air conditioning
  • Security systems

Advantages of C-Bus Home Automation

Keeping up with the latest technology or simply showing off how advanced your residential place may not be the only purpose of having c-bus home automation. There are plenty of practical and incredible advantages home automation has offered to the homeowners and other consumers.

  • Integrated management. Being able to manage all your electronic appliances in your home in one interface is incredibly a big step forward for technology. By simply learning how to use the app on your tablet and smartphone, you can tap countless functions in managing your home.
  • Flexibility. With home automation systems, it allows you to accommodate new devices or appliances and even the state-of-the-art appliances; it can be integrated seamlessly.
  • Maximises home security. Comfort and convenience, c-bus home automation also enables you to elevate your home security. From motion detectors, automated door locks and other tangible security measures can be activated through your mobile device. This means you can have a good night’s sleep with just a tap away before heading to bed.
  • Remotely controlled. Sometimes, when we’re in a hurry to avoid the city traffic just to get in time for work, we leave the lights on or even forget to turn off the media. With c-bus home automation, you can simply check what you have overlooked earlier through your smartphone.
  • High energy efficiency. Home automation enables you to maximise your energy use, such as giving you precise control over colling and heating your home. You can simply program the thermostat in accordance with your schedule and temperature. It even suggests how you to set the energy throughout the day efficiently.
  • Improved electronic functionality. When you install c-bus home automation into your home, it allows you to operate your electric appliances better. It will provide you with suggestions for better apps and channels, making it more convenient while minimising the stress of browsing the vast network.


C-Bus home automation has simply made the impossible to possible. When you install home automation into your home, it’s as similar to having a personal assistant at home–only it’s artificially intelligent. Don’t get left behind with what c-bus home automation can offer to your life. Using smart home technology is rewarding for your family and your business.

Technology On Tap can provide you with a highly skilled IT support team to install high-quality c-bus home automation system into your home. We provide comprehensive IT services and solutions that enhance your home with today’s most advanced technologies.

If you want to live comfortably and secured while enjoying your free time all at the same time, call Technology On Tap today at (02) 9517 1726 and we will provide you with incredibly affordable IT services. Comfort and security don’t have to be expensive.

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