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Easy Home Automation Lighting Setup

Today’s advanced innovations enabled us to control or monitor everything even from remote locations. Also, it made our daily activities efficient and productive. As the demand for efficient innovation increases, this necessity pave the way to one of the most in-demand fixtures in our homes. 

Back in the day, lights are used to illuminate our streets, pathway and homes at night. Today, lighting automation is more than just providing us with light in the dark. Lighting automation creates automated changes or alterations in lighting levels to emphasize the architectural structure or adjust the level of illumination. 

Smart lighting will not only provide visually appealing lights and convenience but a multitude of valuable benefits as well including savings on utilities, improved home security, peace of mind, etc.

Smart Lighting System Technology

Nearly everything is possible with a smart lighting system. However, depending on your needs and interest, know what you want from your automation lighting system. Installing a smart lighting system is not as simple as replacing your light bulb. A lighting system has an array of apps and key feature options including:

  • Lighting control such as brightness and dimming
  • An outdoor motion-detector lighting system
  • Security lighting 
  • A lighting system that controls the temperature
  • Remote-access lighting control

Choosing your Automation Lighting System

Installing a home automated lighting system depends on the scope of your project including your experience, skills and tools. As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to know the lighting system’s functionalities since there are options with simple installation to complex configuration.  

Also, you have to consider for any existing automation systems as it might affect the timeline of the installation process. Some smart lighting system requires you to spend on replacing any old light switches, wiring configuration, connecting from your internet to the hub and more. 

If you want a hassle-free option, you can just buy the smart bulbs. Just like any conventional bulbs, simply screw the smart bulbs into the light sockets. However, this type of device provides limited features.

Installation Process of Home Lighting Automation System

Home automation system made our daily living efficient and productive. With these automated devices, it enabled us to control, secure and monitor our home from remote locations. 

But, when it comes to installing a home automation lighting system, it will depend on what type of home automated lighting you will choose. Some installation will only require you to replace the light bulb and connect it to your smartphone. While the other option might require an expert’s assistance. 


Thinking of bringing smart lights into your home? With today’s advances, setting up home automation devices comes with an easy installation to complex setup. So, it all narrows down to your preferences. However, if we delve into the home automation lighting system or devices, some provide comfort while the others are coupled with compelling features.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, most automated smart lights provide convenience, amplified security and remote-access when you’re away from home. Call Technology on Tap if you want to start your home automation journey today!

Trusted Home Automation Experts in Sydney

Technology on Tap is a dedicated team of IT experts that provides premium and high-quality home automation services in Sydney. Don’t get left behind in today’s rapidly changing world. Home automation will not only add visual appeal and convenience but it also comes with safety and security features.

Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff to discuss about installing a home automation system in your home.

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