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How to Create Your Own Kiosk Using Home Assistant

Kiosks are one of the great inventions in today’s era of technological development. Usually found in malls, waiting areas, offices, and business establishments, kiosks are stand-alone computer-like devices that let you navigate, access, and carry out tasks digitally. This device can assist you in performing your tasks and transactions in a more efficient manner.

What are the uses of a kiosk?

Kiosks are employed in various settings to help users complete their task without the need for human assistance. Since they act like computers, they are intelligent and efficient in dealing with your businesses. Listed below are some situations wherein a kiosk can be useful.

  • For self-service check-ins at airports
  • To order food at self-service restaurants
  • To navigate around in shopping malls, hotels, and museums
  • To shop online and look for products in retail stores
  • To display digital signage
  • For internet accessing

How can you use Home Assistant to make your own kiosk?

Home Assistant is a home automation software that allows you to control, track, and automate your smart system in just a few taps on your screen. With Home Assistant, you can now create your own kiosk browser for free. You can transform your android tablet into a kiosk and then change its settings to make it more interactive and to incorporate specific applications and websites you want to include. Interested in making your kiosk using Home Assistant? We’ll walk you through the process.

What is kiosk mode and how does it work?

You can turn your android tablet into a kiosk by setting your device to kiosk mode. This means that your device will be locked to specific applications and sites to act as a kiosk. You or an IT team can configure and customise these applications so that you can prevent users from using other applications and websites other than what you specified. Thus, you have total control of the contents displayed on the device. 

Setting up Home Assistant on your Tablet

It’s important to note that Home Assistant only works with android devices. So, if you have an iPad or other iOS devices, HA will be of no use. Before you mount your device onto the wall, download and install Fully Kiosk first on your tablet or android device. Modify the settings you want to change in Fully Kiosk. For starters, you can turn on remote access so that your kiosk will be accessible on your mobile phone. Go to Settings and then tap Remote Administration (Plus). Turn on the first 5 items shown on the screen, and then set a password.

Mounting your Android Device

Once you’re done setting up the software, you can now insert your tablet into your wall mount enclosure. You can use the Vidabox Mount for this process. After which, connect your device to a power supply using an adapter or an Ethernet POE to micro USB. 

Configuring your kiosk

Now that you have firmly fixed your tablet onto your wall mount, you can continue setting up and configuring your kiosk. You will need to determine your tablet’s IP address from the network settings so that you can access and change the programming of your kiosk remotely. Some settings you can customise include the start URL, screen off timer, screen lock, and screen activation upon motion detection. Aside from these, you can also enable or disable various settings from your remote access like pull to refresh, back button, keyboard, and scrolling and pinching to zoom in or out. 


Kiosks are extremely helpful to accomplish tasks more efficiently. This digital assistance removes the need for human assistance in doing transactions such as navigating, browsing, checking-in, or ordering. That’s why kiosks are a great addition to your smart system. 

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