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How Does Home Automation Work?

The rise of smart homes has recently been on the move. Making your homes easy to monitor, access and control is the trend for families. Most especially those that benefit from gadgets in making sure that their homes are as functional and optimal as possible. How can anybody not want an intelligent house that can also take care of itself? With this, home automation is seen as a current trend among other rising trends in technology.

Products are designed and made for your homes. They are made to make your life simpler and your homes more manageable. For instance, Clipsal C-Bus installations from Schneider Electric is one of the best home automation systems that bind your homes into one big space that can be controlled by the tip of your fingers. These are some of the ways on how home automation can make your household better:


Security should be second to none when the subject your home’s protection. As such, gadgets and devices like CCTV cameras and surveillance recorders are highly integrated into your home automation systems. This gives you the ability to control and manage the safety of your homes. Having various safety cameras around your lot and controlling recording activities via those cameras can be done in your Clipsal C-Bus home automation system.

Keep your homes well protected with nonstop eyes that check everywhere. Know the status of your spaces via motion sensors and detectors that are connected to your automation system. View your homes any time of day via your smartphones to know what’s going on. Whether you are looking at your pet dogs or checking for any intruder activity, your Clipsal C-Bus lets you on the know.

Temperature Control and Energy Consumption

There are many things that can affect the health of your family. Moreover, a healthier atmosphere in your homes can be conducive in making you feel safe in your comfort zones. This is why Clipsal C-Bus also monitors your home’s environments. You can view and control temperatures inside. Heat and air conditioning systems are also integrated into Clipsal C-Bus.

Clipsal C-Bus also closely monitors the energy consumption of your homes. Keeping your energy consumption in check can make help in also controlling your electrical bills every month. Never be bothered by your home’s current energy consumption state. 

Easy Controls

Another thing that your home automation system can vastly control is your home lightings. You can turn off and turn on your lights via Clipsal C-Bus. You can also set timers to put your lights out whenever you feel like it. Blinds and windows can also be controlled via your installed automation system. View controls and settings in your phone and shut those windows in your room with the palm of your hand.


Apart from the serious home aspects in your mind, the fun also begins with your home automation system. Entertainment can now be directed from your Clipsal C-Bus. Change the channel of your flat screens to another channel, and make the volume of your entertainment system louder by controlling them via your mobile phones at hand. Moreover, other entertainment gadgets can be unified with Clipsal C-Bus to give you the most optimal fun.


Making your homes more automated doesn’t make it any less than space where you can do fewer things for you and your family. In fact, having your home automation systems at hand can help you with everyday tasks. This gives you more time for family and less time worrying about the state of affairs in your homes. Automate your homes and let technology the extra job for you.

Technology on Tap can automate your homes and work with you in keeping them in the best state possible. As a team of experts in the field on Information Technology, we know how to make your homes at par with the best devices out there built to make your lives more comfortable. Don’t hesitate to give us a call (02) 9517 1726 or send us an enquiry here: info@techontap.com.au

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