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Gosford First State Super

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Gosford First State Super wanted to improve their lighting system and enlisted Technology on Tap’s help. The team designed an automated lighting system that addressed the challenges of inefficient energy usage and manual intervention to adjust lighting settings. The new system featured absence detection for meeting rooms, lighting schedules for an entire office floor, and automatic lighting control for function rooms. The implemented system led to a significant reduction in energy consumption and operating costs while improving customer satisfaction. The absence detection in meeting rooms eliminated the need for manual intervention, while lighting schedules removed the need for human intervention, freeing up staff’s time and resources. The automated lighting control for function rooms made it easier to use the venue, and the preset light levels for everyday dining further simplified operations. The project delivered an excellent return on investment for Gosford First State Super and resulted in a more user-friendly and energy-efficient lighting system.

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The custom-designed system integrated RTI audio-visual equipment, Somfy RTS curtains, DALI lights, and phase-dimming lights into a single platform, providing a unified experience.

Bayswater Power Station Control Centre approached Technology on Tap to design and install a lighting automation system that would meet the project goals of pure DALI lighting control.

The Guardian Childcare Centre in Barangaroo engaged Technology on Tap to design and install a lighting automation system that met several project goals.

The Eastwood Hotel approached Technology on Tap to improve the control and automation of their electric awnings. 

Mirvac Homebush partnered with Technology on Tap and Harvey Norman Commercial to design and install an advanced home automation system for their assisted living apartments.

The Worrigee Sports Club approached Technology on Tap to install an automated lighting system that would be easy to control and adjust via an iPad.

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