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Top 15 Items For Commercial Automation

Automating your commercial building can be your leverage over your competitors. An automated commercial building can provide your business with manifold of benefits such as the comfort and convenience of your occupants. In turn, freedom from stress could breed elevated productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Commercial building automation will also help you save on energy and operating and maintenance costs, thereby generating big savings for your company in the long run. 

To achieve all these, you need to have a reliable and premium quality commercial automation system that’s composed of the best building automation products. Here’s our take on the top 15 items for commercial automation.

1. Smart lighting

Smart lighting is one of the most in-demand items for commercial building automation. It allows your internal and external lighting to change the light levels in your building depending on the occupancy and brightness desired.

2. Ness Fingerprint Reader

Ness Fingerprint Reader is a high-tech biometric recognition system you can employ in your commercial automation. It can automatically recognise fingerprints without the risk of replication or unauthorised access. 

3. Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal

You can use Hikvision’s face recognition terminal to monitor your occupants’ attendance. This smart item can recognise faces fast and with high accuracy so users can easily check-in, check out, break-in, break out, overtime in, and overtime out.

4. Nest Hello

Nest Hello is a smart doorbell that’s connected to the internet through Wi-Fi. This device allows you to see and talk to anyone at your door. Nest Hello also has a camera that provides night vision and records in HD.

5. Nest Cam IQ

This smart security camera is ideal if you want to improve the indoor and outdoor security of your building. The Nest Cam IQ will continuously record and alert you when there’s any motion, movement, or noise in your building.

6. Nest Protect Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect is a smarter and less irritating smoke alarm that could alert your building occupants if there’s smoke in your building. This device can also determine the origin of the smoke and send notifications to your smart device.

7. Nest Learning Thermostat

This in-demand Nest thermostat has a built-in learning system that can detect the season and temperature and adjust the temperature according to your lifestyle. In turn, this will help you save about 15% of your temperature control bills.

8. Intercoms

Smart intercoms provide heightened access and entry to your building. With this, you can control your doors and gates and answer video calls. There are also multi-room intercom systems so you can monitor and observe the live movement of people accessing your building.

9. Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Air conditioners and heaters are critical in providing high levels of comfort in the workplace by cooling or heating the air, respectively. With a smart air conditioning and heating system, you can automatically turn on, off, and adjust the temperatures in your building.

10. Blinds and windows

You can now automate blinds and windows to open and close whenever you want. With just a few taps on your smart device or with voice activation, you can conveniently control the movement of your smart blinds and curtain.

11. Garage doors

Modern commercial buildings have automated garage doors for increased security and convenience. This smart item is ideal, so your occupants won’t have to go out of their car to open, close, and lock garage doors.

12. Access doors

Likewise, an automated access doors is also ideal for security reasons. With this, you can restrict entry and automate the opening and closing of access doors whenever you grant or deny access. 

13. Occupancy sensors

With a building occupancy sensor, you can monitor which areas in your buildings are occupied and the levels of traffic in these areas. With this smart sensor, you can efficiently control the lighting and HVAC levels in a room or floor in your building depending on the occupancy level.

14. Energy metering monitors

As it name implies, energy metering monitors allow you to track your energy consumption in your building so you can adjust and cut costs on your electricity bill.

15. Elevator control

Your building must have an elevator automation system so that you can monitor and override the settings of your elevators in case of emergency. With built-in smoke detectors, you can prevent elevator cars from going to high-risk floors and allow your elevator cars to return to the lobby, so they can be used by firefighters and rescuers.


Choosing the best products for your commercial automation is paramount to reliable, efficient, and effective building automation. When you install the most ideal items for your commercial building automation, you’re guaranteed the long-term benefits of a smart building. Furthermore, you will get your money’s worth and generate generous savings from lower energy, operating, and maintenance costs. 

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